My Kinect Review

Hi Everyone,

I got “Kinect” today (finally) and I just wanted to post a little review to say what my girlfriend and I think of it.


First of all, I wanted to say, my girlfriend is Serbian and like most Serbian Women, she has very strong opinions. When I first told her I wanted to buy Kinect, her reaction was “if you are going to waste 18,000 din on this racist crap that cannot even see colored people, then you can sleep in the couch”.

After 2 or 3 hours of playing around with Kinect Adventures and Kinectimals, she absolutely loves it and has had the most fun playing a video game that she ever had. The voice activation even works with her thick Serbian accent when she speaks to the x-box.

The installation was very easy and Microsoft give you a very long cable. I placed the Kinect Sensor in-front of my TV, and I tried it on top as well, but it works best when it is infront.

Kinect Adventures is alot of fun, there is a little lag on the motion controls, I would say perhaps 200 milli-seconds or less, so after 1 or 2 games, you get used to it. Adventures includes many games, all of which are very fun.

Kinectimals…well, I thought this would be silly and maybe for little kids, 3 or 4 years old, but my girlfriend and I both find it cute and fun. The interesting thing is that the lag on the controls is much less here, perhaps 80 or 100 milli-seconds, so this proves that the amount of lag is proportional to how well programmed the game is.

I haven’t tried any other games yet, these two games took up about 3 hours of my time so far today and now I am taking a break because it is very exhausting to jump around so much.

I think Kinect is very good, and I am looking forward to trying some more of the games.

I just wanted to post this little review, if someone wants to translate it in Serbian for Serbian readers then go ahead :slight_smile:


Can you post some picures later ?

Of the Kinect or of us playing it ?

Kinect, and some screenshot if can :smiley:
And, where did you buy it ?

OK I just took a few pictures. The Kinect has been taking pictures of us as we have been playing the games, but I must find some way to transfer those pictures onto my USB drive so I can post them here.

I will attach the photos on this post.

Oh, and I bought it from guy in Novi Sad, he is called Tomislav, I think he brought them from Hungary into Serbia. It was 18100din and I had to go meet him near Nikola Tesla Airport.

I heard that Computer Land is going to have Kinect on Monday, they sent me this email with prices:

XBOX360 Slim 250GB + Forza3 + Alan Wake 35990din

XBOX360 Slim 4GB + Kinect 43990din

XBOX360 Slim 250GB + Kinect 51990din

Kinect + Kinect Adventures 18000din

Od sutra ili ponedeljka ce biti na stanju

Where did you buy it, and how much was it ?

I edited my post above with information :slight_smile:

Jer moze prevod prvog posta? Thank you zach21uk.

Don’t go into the trap and post photos! They just want to see your girlfriend :smiley:
Joking aside, it’s great review and when you get Dance Central, pleeeeease, send those photos or even videos… that is, I think, ultimate fun :slight_smile:

I’m having a problem with some games at the moment, some of them do not work, and I do not know if I just had a bad pack of discs, or if there is a problem with the games being Wave 8 and Wave 9. But if I get Dance Central working, I will do something.

I wanted to make an offer, anyone in Belgrade who can come to my house in Vozdovac and flash my console to LT+ when it arrives, is welcome to come to my house and play Kinect for a few hours in exchange :slight_smile:

hey hey,

zach told us that he is living in Serbia in other threads and that his serbian is not very good, so we let him speak on english. So, everybody calm down and talk about kinect, not about language or origin.

OK, I have taken some videos from “Motion Sports” and also “Kinectimals” - here they are:

I will take some more video soon from “Kinect Adventures” and “Kinect Joyride”. Check back here in a couple of hours.

Great stuff zach.

I can’t imagine myself playing either of those games, though, with or without kinect. It’s cool tech to impress your grandpa, but it would take more than just adorably cute baby animals to make this old couch potato spend his hard earned money and get wild in front of the TV.

Here are some more videos, these ones are from Kinect Adventures:

Finally for today, here is a video from “Kinect Joyride”. This is the worst game I played for Kinect so far, the motion controls are very bad, not very sensitive, it dosen’t detect me very well, even after I moved my sensor on top of the TV.

I think its just crap, as I say at the end of the video.

I have played Kinect for about 6 hours today, so I am completely exhausted now. I will post some more videos tomorrow, from “Your Shape: Fitness Evolved”, “Sonic Free Riders”, “Kinect Sports” and “Dance Central”.

Oh come on! You must be kidding me! :slight_smile:
I’m supposed to get Kinect by the end of next month,but after looking at these videos,I WANT IT NOW! :smiley:
Great job uploading the videos :da:

Čekamo na prletovo “majmunisanje” :smiley:

Kevin Butler - “Who wants to pretend their hand is a gun, what is this 3rd grade?” Po meni je Kinect tezak fail. Ne hvalim Move, ali mislim da je bolji… Ne verujem da cu u skorije vreme uzeti neku od ove dve stvari. Ipak vise volim standardni dzojstik naspram mlataranja ispred ekrana. Btw, dobru je demonstraciju odradio…

If one of your friends ever buys it, you should give it a go, do not judge only based on videos. It is definetly different, I am used to playing with Keyboard and Mouse or Gamepad, so for everything to be hands free is very strange, but it is alot of fun.

A side benefit is too health, I am a web designer and web developer so I spend many days sitting in front of my computer and not moving very much. Playing Kinect even for an hour, its giving me some exercise AND having fun at the same time! God knows how many calories I burned today!

All in all, I rate Kinect 10/10 so far!

And i am waiting for PekiSa’s photo of him hiting the chandalear with his head!