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XLink Kai je program pomocu kojeg se konzole poput PS2, Xbox-a, Xbox-a 360, PSP-a, Gamecuba, PS3 mogu povezati u odredjeni lobby i tako simulirati lan gameplay! (Nesto slicno Hamachiju) Ideanlo resenje za banovane Xbox 360 konzole.


* Xlink Kai supports Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and PSP LAN enabled games. The Xbox 360 is designed by Microsoft to be incompatible with this kind of software. It will automatically drop connections if the ping is &gt; 33 ms in system link connection. However a patch has been released to bypass this limit on J-tag Xboxes.
* Integrated chat in all areas.
* No port-forwarding required on almost all network setups. UPnP support.
* Global user interface.
* Auto-update on start-up.
* Multi-console compatible.
* Compatible with wireless networks (though not all wireless network setups).
* Support for university dorms and proxies such as Italian FastWeb ISP.
* Trusted clan, tournament and ladder arenas.
* Remote functionality through homebrew dashboards (for Xbox users only).

Xbox Media Center and XLink Kai
Xbox Media Center (XBMC) for Microsoft’s Xbox console has a control client for XLink Kai that allows control of the XLink Kai software program from the user’s Xbox via XBMC GUI.

MC360 is a skin for XBMC by Blackbolt that gives the XLink Kai client (XBMC-Live) a familiar interface resembling the Xbox 360’s factory dashboard and Xbox Live’s connectivity for friends, arenas, etc.

XLink Kai was removed from XBMC builds 14099 and later. To use it you must run XBMC build 14095. You can do this as a program inside another version (more recent) of XBMC.


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