XeLL Reloaded v0.991

[cOz], Cancerous1, Ced2911, GliGli, Juvenal, Natelx, Redline99, sk1080 AND Tuxuser are proud to release a new official version of XeLL-Reloaded.

What’s new/fixed:

  • Fixing booting of Linux Kernel on Reset Glitch Hack Consoles !
  • Write stackdump on fail to screen
  • additional offsets for reloading XeLL/updating XeLL-Reloaded
  • integrated cOz’s rawflash application (look at README)
  • probably fixing freezing at “Reinit PHY…”
  • kboot.conf parsing (shows a menu inside XeLL, loads linux and homebrew elfs - look at README)
  • Fixing TFTP ACK on end of file
  • Fixing TFTP transfer for files with only 1 DATA block
  • Fixing possible buffer overflow when uncompressing gzipped file
  • dcbst the memory-range for Devtree and Initrd