XeBuild 1.14, Dashlaunch 3.14 i XeBuild GUI 2.095

Izvinjavam se sto kasnim sa obavestenjem, ali izasle su nove verzije XeBuild-a, Dashlaunch-a i XeBuild GUI-ja pre 4 dana. Verzije su navedene u naslovu. Najbitnije je da se moze napraviti hakovani nand za najnoviji dashboard 17150. Evo i changelog-a:


– add patch (16767+) to allow xbox 360 formatted HDD without security sector to work with transfer cable (thanks Mustache!)
(note: xfer cable supported by aurora and F3 file managers)
– fix ini file not including launch.ini
– fixed an issue with detecting/revoking devkit boot chains in update mode
– add 17148, 17150


– add transfer cable to list of possible devices as xfer:
– added back button logo to installer to illustrate how to show/hide help without using the readme
– add 17148, 17150
– update 16767+ with the new security sector skip patch for transfer cable

XeBuild GUI:

  • 2.095 *

– Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.14
– Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.14
– Updated: Now building 2.0.17150.0