Wii U Browser Exploit Leaked for v4.1.0

For all those that didn’t update recently!

Finally the secret ‘Wii U Browser Exploit’ is now out in the wild for everyone to enjoy on their Nintendo Wii U Console, if you lucky enough to still be at v4.1.0 firmware.

There been alot of action in the Wii U scene recently, and now the exploit that allows you to do various things, one of them being able to dump key information has been leaked that works on the webkit-based Wii U browser for those still lucky enough on v4.1.0 firmware.

This exploit has been partly blocked on the recently released v5.0 firmware by Nintendo, but with little exploring it should be possible to find the new vectors to get in.

There is also rumors that this exploit might even work on the PS Vita or PS4 as they used a similar setup, all tho on the Wii U team fail0verflow mentioned before this is only possible because the NX protection bit is disabled on the Wii U browser system setup.*



Official Release posted by MarioNumber1 on bitbucket, please view our updated news threadHEREfor more info and full README.*

Izvor: http://www.maxconsole.com/maxcon_forums/threads/283576-Wii-U-Browser-Exploit-Leaked-for-v4-10

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