We're not "ostracising" Xbox with PS4-first Destiny DLC, protests Bungie

“Everything you’re going to see in this game will be available to all some day.”
Bungie community manager David Dague has put up a spirited defence of Destiny’s timed PS-exclusive DLC, assuring viewers of the Angry Joe Show that all the content in question will appear on Xbox One and Xbox 360 at some point, with exact timing to be revealed.

“Well, we’re making a game for the Xbox guys,” he began, echoing an official site update from April. "Any suggestion that we’re ostracising or alienating the Xbox community - I mean, we are making a game for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

“We’re immensely proud of our legacy with the Bungie community and the Halo games. We absolutely want them to join us in the world of Destiny. The exclusives we have announced will be available to them on a long enough timeline. I don’t know if that timing has been revealed yet, but everything you’re going to see in this game will be available to all some day.”

As reported by Polygon, the DLC may be exclusive till autumn 2015, and includes a handful of new ships, a co-op Strike map, a competitive multiplayer map, the Monte Carlo assault rifle, Hawkmoon hand cannon and new armour sets for all three classes.

Later in the interview, Dague also promised that the main game would satisfy without add-ons - Bungie isn’t, he explained, in the business of crippling games for the sake of post-launch content. "I can tell you that all of our sights are set right now on making sure that Destiny the game, the one you’ll have access to on September 9th, blows your mind, makes sure that you start to expect more from Bungie games and the shooters that you purchase.

"It’s going to have five different modes of activity, it’s going to have more explorable geometry and real estate than we’ve ever put in the hands of the player, more weapons, more alien races. It is a next generation in every notion of the term, we’re expanding out in every direction.

“If we do our job right, if you want to explore that world beyond what we’ve given you, if you still have questions about the mysteries of the universe and the story and the lore, we’ll be around to tell more of that story, but job number one is to satisfy you, to create a game with a distinct beginning and middle and end, something that can stand on its own two feet.”

That precludes talk of a sequel, too. “We are very sensitive to the fact that we earn the right to put a number on the box. Right now, it’s Destiny.” I’d have liked Joe to bring up the topic of Bungie’s original Destiny contract with Activision at this stage - according to the rather out-of-date paperwork, the developer has agreed to release four Destiny games, one every couple of years. The publisher certainly has high hopes for the franchise - ActiBlizz CEO Bobby Kotick has claimed that it’ll be the best-selling new IP in history.

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