Todd Howard: TES VI neće skoro

So, this is an interesting topic which isn’t being talked about that much, due to all the E3 craze:

According to Todd Howard, we’re not seeing TES VI for a very long time. In a recent YouTube Live at E3 interview with Geoff Keighley, Mr. Howard talked openly about current and future Bethesda Game Studios projects. When being asked about TES VI, Todd Howard confirmed that they’re currently working on it but implied that we won’t hear about TES 6 for a really long time.

Todd Howard actually went as far as saying that we’ll see the 2 other projects BGS is working on, before the next The Elder Scrolls installment. Bethesdas VP of Marketing, Pete Hines also stated almost a year ago that we won’t hear about the next TES game for a very long time.

It basically explains why we received that Skyrim remaster, which was very obvious to me.
Releasing remastered games of certain franchises makes sense:

  • if a sequel is on the way in order to increase or to keep interest in said sequel
  • if a prequel is necessary, in order to complement or complete a connected story
  • if a sequel in development will not be released in quite a while - which also serves to keep interest in a franchise

I think that’s interesting because TES isn’t a series which suffers from franchise fatigue. While many can argue about the quality and direction of TES, these games are usually being released about every 5 years or so.
On the other hand Bethesda Game Studios probably doesn’t want to do only Fallout and TES forever, so being able to work on new concepts and titles is certainly helping to keep things fresh and interesting.

The most interesting part thoug is that Todd Howard mentions that the technology for TES VI isn’t just out there, for what they’re planning to do.
I wouldn’t be surprised if TES:O and Skyrim:SE is everything we’re going to get this generation. Maybe TES VI will heavily rely on VR or might even take place in Akavir - with a whole playable continent?

Either way, I think it’s a pretty interesting move - especially coming off a game which sold 20 million copies in a franchise which previously never managed to sell more than 5 million copies per title.

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