The Division novi video od koga sigurno ima da dizete vilicu sa zemlje


Alaj ti mame, kako ovo izgleda, unreal…

te teksture u sumi su mind blowing

Strasno, nevjerovatno sta sve moze da pokrene xbox one.

Gde piše da je išta pokrenuto na XO? Ako misliš zbog kontrolera, ono je od X360, koliko sam video, i verovatno isprobavaju kako radi igra sa kontrolerom :slight_smile: Ovo je sigurno PC verzija.

Stvarno izgleda nestvarno :smiley: ali daj Boze da ce ostati ovako na konzolama…

Rekao bih da je to taj generation leap koji smo svi ocekivali. Navijam za to da konacna verzija igre izgleda ovako :slight_smile:

New Division details - how Snowdrop lets Ubisoft overcome “insane” workloads
You can build a Snowdrop game in a day without code support, says tech director

How the Snowdrop engine brings The Division’s New York to life

Massive Entertainment has big plans for its new Snowdrop engine, having already shown it off in previous trailers for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Massive’s brand art director, Rodrigo Cortes, recently took the Snowdrop engine on the road to this year’s Game Developers Conference to discuss how it’ll be used in the upcoming Ubisoft title, while also discussing its New York setting.

“One of the main things is that we want to have full immersion,” Massive brand art director Rodrigo Cortes told GamerHub TV. “That’s like a mantra for us when do games. Immersion is very important to us.”

Cortes detailed the fidelity of The Division’s animation and lighting and noting how much it adds to the game’s RPG experience. He also goes on to discuss the fully in-world 3D user interface, before going on to talk about The Division’s interpretation of a dystopian Big Apple.

“We knew that we wanted to do New York,” Cortes added. “And it’s based on New York and Manhattan and more of the downtown area and we wanted to do something as realistic as possible, while at the same time, it needs to be fun. So we have done some creative choices there, so it works with the gameplay, but at the same time, it has the same scale and level of fidelity that you expect New York to have. From all the details when it comes to streets, when it comes to signs, when it comes to stores, and when it comes to what you see inside of the windows, there is life still… all of that is something we needed to be able to make.”

To hear more about the Snowdrop engine and what it means to The Division, check out the full video below.

The Division is “on track”, insists Ubisoft - no comment on delay rumour