Terminator: Survivors | The Aftermath Trailer


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Ima li neka igra da nece biti open world survival game? Svaka druga na trzistu, kako se nisu vise svima smucile.

Ja bas imam vise osecaj da je svaka druga igra rogue lite, souls like ili remake. :smile: Ove survival generalno vise vidjam na steamu.

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Generalno izbegavam

Battle Royale

Na granici sam da odustanem i od open world igara, ali posto su to najbolje AAA igre danasnjice, nekako izdrzavam da ne poludim.


Terminator: Survivors | New Details

  • FPS running in UE5
  • There is a single player offline mode
  • Multiplayer co-op mode with up to 3 other players
  • Features a “rich original story line” and side quests
  • Takes place in 2009, years after Judgment Day focusing on humanity’s survival
  • Players will cross paths with “iconic figures from the saga”, as well as fresh faces
  • Factions form, competing for resources and territory
  • Very few people know of the events that led to the bombs dropping, only a few know of Skynet’s existence
  • A single T-800 is hunting you, a “relentless and formidable hunter that cannot be stopped”
  • Start out with a existing base that can be customized and expanded with other facilities
  • Drivable vehicles to encourage exploration and tactical thinking
  • There will be a private play test prior to launch

Terminator: Survivors releases on October 24 on PC in early access. Console versions to come after.