Team Xecuter DemoN - nova igrackica


While the others were fixing their glitch chip problems and releasing a bunch of revised versions, instead of doing it right first time like the Xecuter CoolRunner, we were making something else that is totally awesome and will take jtag/glitching to the next level.

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sta li ce ovo da bude, a?

spekulacije su da ce biti Dual Nand addon, tako da je moguce imati originalni nand za online tj LIVE igranje i hackovani za offline, modovanje i slicno… e sad jos ne znamo kako i sta ce se odvijati, mene kopka kako ce tu da se odvija prebacivanje sa nand-a na nand

E pa verovatno ce biti sa prekidacem, mislim to je najpouzdanije, postoje tu jos neka resenja…
Ovu sliku sto su prikazali lici mi na pin header obican, stari samo dodato 3.3v +2 ali deluje da moze da se prikljuci dual nand chip.
Mozda ipak se pojavi nesto novo :

Ovo je prava stvar :slight_smile:

Apropo dual NAND-a , ja naleteh na ovo [ENG] Tutorial Dual NAND HY27US08281A Xbox 360 Slim (glitch reset hack & LIVE)

e pa mislim da je ce te jeftinije izaci da kupis jos jednu konzolu nego da radis ovo.

malo novih vesti

quote Ubergeek/Xecuter

We may ship some test units to a few selected guys next week.

We’ll be sharing feature suggestions / possibilities

It will give us an idea of what to include with the first version and also take on board any other thoughts and suggestions.

Not sure if I mentioned before but the Demon has had completely new nand/rw hardware implemented that is probably going to be the fastest on the market (16mb r/w around 14 seconds etc) complete with internal integrity check routines.

So I can confirm that the next generation of the super-successful Nand-X will be completely built into the demon. We are currently working on adding Xilinx routines (may not even be required yet) - but its early days

This animal is completely different than anything done before, internally at least. Naturally the external points will look pretty much the same as all the ones used now, with a small number of changes - its the architecture of the device itself that has truly taken Dual Nand to the next level.

PS to squash the rumors - no there is no trace cutting - its not 2008 lol - and no there isn’t not 20 or so wires.

We have been working hand in hand with several respected and extremely knowledgeable JTAG/RGH developers on many new upcoming tools and patches - and we are aiding in developing the best hardware for the job that’s going to be dominating your time over the next few months. As far as we are concerned, as an RGH device the TX CoolRunner is doing the business and has no need for updates and changes and gizmos and fancy new features that in the end only add $ and not tangible results.

Saying that, out of respect as they are a good crew and I chat to some of their members often, the XAIO360 is a very nice mod and definitely taking this public RGH hack and actually doing something better with it - we relate to you. Kudos to that team and accept our hotlink to you as a sign of good faith (for once) lol

PS Do not get XAIO mixed up with TIAO like I did. Those guys copy everyone’s work quite shamelessly without a touch of credit. If you are buying devices for modding, always try to buy from teams who are actively involved in, and support real scene development.
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Jeste dual nand potvrdjeno je ali ne lemi 20 zice kao cygnos recimo

A govori o tome da ce kasnije updateovati nandx da ima implementaciju za demon

Videcemo kad puste sve u narod :slight_smile: kako ce biti
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Sta li su jos implementirali…
Ovi imaju 20zica zato sto se Nand cip lemi paralelno na vec postojeci sem par pointa koje sluze kao prekidac, to je onaj osnovni princip povezivanja. TX je ocigledno razvio nesto novo a sada me zanima XAIO sta on ima :slight_smile:

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Cygnos kad povezes sa 20 i kusur zica kao jelka okicena ploca hehehe… tx ima bb nand ubacen na demonu a speed od 14 sekunde za 16mb je bruka, do duse ni sada na 2-3 minuta nije mnogo ali 14 sekunde su mnogo lepse hehehhe

Ima odmah ubacen coolrunner na sebi tj postoje verzije sa i bez cr-a… ali jos nista nisu otkrili konkretno bas

Osecam da ce jos neko ludilo da ubace a sta ima XAIO i mene kopka

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znas da sam ubacio sliku NandX cabla i tacno znam koje dve zice sa jtag porta ploce :), vidi se da je Demon :slight_smile: dualnand :slight_smile: Rebug team sta je uradio bice interesting

Ja lepo rekoh jos prosle godine kad se pojavio xgd3 da do zime mozemo da ocekujemo jtag na svim konzolama pa niko nije verovao :slight_smile:

Sad me ne bi cudilo da izmajmunisu ps3 igre na xbox hehehehe

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elem jedina zvanicna slika koju je TX objavio, demon dual nand rgh kombinacija i nandx povezan da ga cita/flesuje, baje mu… :slight_smile:

evo malo oficijelnih vesti a i konacno neke normalne slike

demon phat:

demon slim:

Giving you the ability to have dual nand’s is nothing new to the scene thanks to Team Cygnos and their dual nand device for older generation Phat JTAG models. However since the advent of the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) scene, there has been an insurgence of homebrew activity on all the newer models of Xbox 360, including all of the Phat consoles that could no longer be JTAG’d, giving a need for multiple nand’s yet again so you can run your own custom kernels and linux apps on all the latest models including the new Xbox 360 S (or Slim as its known). Picking up where Cygnos left off, Xecuter has taken the Dual Nand design and basically fixed every known bug and flaw that existed with the Cygnos, improved features, increased r/w speeds, redesigned the layout and install methods, added new functions and basically took the dual nand concept to the next level.
The built-in Nand R/W hardware is a stand out feature. Completely bypassing the need for any external device such as the Xecuter NAND-X or any other SPI tool, the DemoN has a USB port which offers a completely pass-thru solution giving you direct access to the Demon & Onboard Nand’s – and with the turbo mode, you can now achieve nand r/w speeds that have never been seen before on the Xbox.
Xecuter hasn’t forgotten JTAG fans either, There are thousands upon thousands of users out there who run a perfectly functioning JTAG machine – many of them using the Xecuter JTAG QSB Install Kits that have become so popular over the last couple of years. Not only does the DemoN support all of the latest RGH devices such as the Xecuter CoolRunner – but they have also designed the DemoN to make sure that it doesn’t affect any current JTAG installs – which is ideal for those who have the QSB kits installed and working perfectly – fitting the Demon does not require that they have to remove their functioning JTAG feature. The DemoN will also work with your currently installed RGH Device especially the TX CoolRunner and it’s QSB install kits. Xecuter thinks of the customer experience first and foremost !
As always with Team Xecuter you can trust that they make the absolute best quality devices paying attention to the tiniest details and making sure that the end user is completely confident in a premium product backed by their famous warranty.
Xecuter is the brand you can trust, don’t accept poor imitations.
Main Features:

  • NextGen Dual Nand Device

  • Easy Switch Between Stock Onboard Nand and Custom Nand

  • Easy QSB Solution (Quick Solder Board)

  • Easy Wire Install Option Also Available

  • Both Phat & Slim Versions

  • Support 16MB & 256MB / 512MB (Big Block) Nand Versions

  • Original Brand Nand to Match Stock For Security & Compatibility

  • Built-In USB Nand Read/Write Hardware (NAND-X / Other SPI Hardware Not Required)

  • Turbo Nand R/W Mode (16MB Dump less than 20 seconds)

  • TX CoolRunner Options

  • Supports Phat JTAG Installs (Inc All TX QSB JTAG Kits)

  • Supports Phat & Slim RGH Installs (Inc TX CoolRunner QSB Kits)

  • No Lifting of CE Pin on Both Phat & Slim

  • No Trace Cuts on Both Phat & Slim

  • Custom Software & Drivers

  • 100% J-Runner Support

  • Proven Xecuter Build Quality & Warranty

  • More Premium Features Will Be Announced Very Soon……
    Dev versions of the DemoN will be shipped to all of Xecuter’s newly created RGH Development Team as well as members of Freeboot, FreestyleDash and other prominent developers in order to enhance the abilities of the DemoN and to make sure it is as fine tuned as possible by the very guys who bring you all of your homebrew goodness.
    Stay tuned for more DemoN updates !

Wow, ovaj demon bas dobro zvuci. A ka’ce ovo kod tebe da stigne i kolko ce da kosta? :slight_smile: Da li to znaci da cemo moci da uzivamo u svim prednostima Lajva prebacivanjem na stock a kad pozelimo hassle-free pirateriju da se prebacimo na jtag?

Upravo to :slight_smile: ceka se jos uvek da se pojavi u prodaju nista se ne zna jos uvek konkretno…

Samo sto homebrew aplikacije tj sve na jtag bi trebalo da se pokrece na drugom profilu jer ako je u logu profila zapisano nesto vezano za homebrew bice taj profil banovan na live. Saveovi ce moci da se prebacuju medjusobno to nije problem edituju se malo i radice…

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Cena ove igrace ke kostati ok0 40-50evra + Xecuter coolrunner mod chip, dual chip mora da bude u ravni sa drugim dual nand chipovima…
Zvanicno obavestenje o ceni jos uvek nije poznato.

Kako saznajemo od xecuter-a slike demona koji su poslati developerima ove nedelje.Uglavnom su to linux i homebrew developeri kako bi mogli da ga fino dosteluju i ubace novine koje su jos uvek nepoznate.
V2 prototype (verovatno final retail) bice spremna sledece nedelje.

TEST JIG :slight_smile:


Čak iako Demon uspe nebi se ja zaleto sa kupovinom ipak to je live šta ako MS posle mesec dana izbaci neki novi dash i spreči njegovu upotrebu …

Kao sto sam i rekao cena DEMONA je velika (approx US$ 66.53)

Ne bi smelo da se desi da Microsoft provali, cak ni u teoriji, onda bi trebalo da garantuju money back.

Ono sto mene zanima, da li je u toj kombinaciji na lajvu moguce igrati kao da imam neflesovanu konzolu, ili sa nekim LT flesom?