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Evo divne vijesti sto se tice novoga xboxa vezano za exclusive igre.Vise u nastavku

The much anticipated debut game from Respawn Entertainment - the developer founded by the former bosses of Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward - will be a next-gen Xbox exclusive.

That’s according to Kotaku, who cites ‘two unrelated sources familiar with the game’ as claiming that Resawn’s publisher EA has struck a deal with Microsoft for Xbox-exclusivity of the new game.
This backs up a CVG report in February, for which we were tipped of a major deal between EA and Microsoft to be announced at the next-gen Xbox reveal event. One of our sources suggested that Respawn Entertainment will make a surprise appearance at the event.

Microsoft will reveal its next-gen Xbox at a special event on May 21.

Kotaku says that Respawn’s yet-to-be-revealed game is a “futuristic multiplayer-centric online shooter”, described as a ‘battle of Davids and Goliaths’ and, crucially, will be always-online.

According to the report, “The Davids are heavily-armed foot soldiers. The Goliaths are the giant exosekeltons-Titans-that these soldiers can pilot. These Titans are big mech-style walkers that move with an agility not seen in games like Mechwarrior or Steel Battalions.”

It adds, “To keep the action balanced, game maps limit the number of Titans that can be used in a skirmish. Weapon loadouts for the foot soldiers are designed to ensure that the characters on foot can take out the Titans if need be.”

The game, it claims, is also in development for the current-generation Xbox 360, but due to the EA/Microsoft deal, will not be coming to Sony or Nintendo platforms.

In response to the report, Microsoft has said it doesn’t comment on rumours and speculation.

Respawn Entertainment recently filed an application for the game trademark “Titan”, possibly indicating the name of its debut game.

The studio has pledged to make an appearance at E3 2013 in Los Angeles in June, but one of the sources suggests it won’t be offered in playable form until next year.

Respawn has been working on the top secret project since its formation in 2010, to be published by EA. While nothing more than the blurry teaser image pictured has been revealed, EA Games president Frank Gibeau has previously hinted that the game is a sci-fi shooter that will compete with the likes of Halo and Gears of War.

A nisi stavio dodatak?

Microsoft 6 months behind in game production for Durango

We’ve heard from other sources that Microsoft is not where they want to be at this point in the pre-launch development of Durango. A reliable source — one who was not part of our reporting about the Respawn game — tells us that Microsoft is as much as six months behind in producing content for the new console, despite an expected late-2013 launch. Another tells us that Microsoft recently cancelled several internal next-gen projects because they were not coming together as hoped. These sources have told us that, comparatively, Sony is in better shape and further along with hardware and software development for PlayStation 4.

We’d also heard from an industry insider that Microsoft was aggressively trying to sign exclusive games for Durango. Given the lack of internal development at Microsoft — their internal studios, while talented, are outnumbered by those of Sony and Nintendo — and given some of the apparent recent stumbles and slowdowns internally, signing an exclusive Respawn-EA game would suit the Durango quite well.

Respawn Entertainment inace kosristi engine koji je star 7 godina, isti onaj koji je koriscen za half life…

Evo jos malo informacija:

Respawn Entertainment has said it will be showing off its first game at E3, but has played things pretty tight about specifics, except for recently trademarking the name Titan. However, new information suggests a mech game that may be exclusive to the next Xbox.

Two independent sources have told Kotaku that the online multiplayer game will also be developed for the Xbox 360, but there are no plans to support the Sony or Nintendo consoles. Titan, which could still be the name of the game, comes from the name given to very large, but agile, mech-style machines that soldiers on the battlefield can pilot.

If this is indeed the case, the rumor falls in line with a report from E3 2011 that Respawn was developing a sci-fi shooter, but now with a lot heavier weapons.

We have reached out to both Respawn and publisher EA for comment, and will update if we get a response.