REBUG/Cobra 4.53.3 CFW - Konacno izasao!

[INDENT] Disclaimer* This is said to be Rebug’s official 4.53.1 Cobra firmware. I received this anonymously, so I cannot confirm this.

The firmware is reported to have only one issue, which is the same issue that exists in Rebug 4.46 with Cobra on DEX mode. It’ll mess up vsh and start going really slow until it freezes, with Cobra enabled while in DEX. Besides that, it works fine.

You can use the toggles to turn Cobra off, to have working DEX mode. Then turn it back on when in CEX.

This will not install over 4.55 or 4.60 CFW. You will need use Rogero’s downgrader 3.7 to downgrade, before installing.


  • First CFW to include Cobra 7.0.1 features

  • Toolbox version 2.02.00 built in

  • Toggles for Cobra and WEBMAN

  • Rebug mode active in toolbox

  • Auto spoofs to 4.55

  • Working PS, PS2, PS3, PSP ISO’s

So far this has been tested and confirmed working on


CECH 2503A
CECH 2503B
CECH 2504B

and with special thanks for lot’s of testing from @pauline45 . Here is a quote from him -

  _**Tested on a cech-2003a running 3.55cfw installed no problem on xmb  and recovery. Also tried it on the 2503a that was on habid 4.55 cobra  wouldn't install over it on xmb or recovery. I tried it on a cechm03  running 3.55 installed no problem from xmb and recovery, so it won't  install on on a higher firmware like 4.55cfw or 4.60cfw. Seems to  running fine, so far installed irisman and multiman, playing games okay  with irisman, but on multiman 4.60.1 black screen. I tried it on a 2504b  running habid 4.53cfw wouldn't load from xmb data corrupt 8002F169, but  I tried in recovery and it loaded on. So, confirmed working on  cech-2504b, cech-2003a, and cechm03 ps3, but got to be below 4.53 or a  ps3 on 4.53 cfw. Won't install on 4.55 habib or rogero 4.55. haxxxens  rebug installed over any firmware no problem.**_ 


CECHP-phat nor CECHQ-phat nor both working as testing also CECHC- phat nand and CECHA - phat nand also working. PS3s was running 3.20 ofw and 3.41 on the four of them, when I installed the cfw 4.53.1 rebug /cobra no bricks or freezing. More testing in process with homebrew and other apps**_

    _**multiman 4.60.1 working now and showtime xmbc etc working ,ps1iso,ps2iso and ps3iso games working as confirmed **_ 

There are currently more models in the testing process, BUT A DOWNGRADER IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BEFORE INSTALLING! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Thread will be updated as frequently as possible.

MD5 = REBUG COBRA 4.53.1


Najjace od svega sto link na zvanicnom Rebug sajtu ne postoji nigde, navodno nije oficijelno a na PS3Hax i PS3News je osvanulo sve ovo… Ko koga ovde ono, ne znam… Ja bih se i dalje drzao Rogero-a 4.55 sem ako vam toliko nije zapelo za Cobra funkcije

i dodatak za 4.60 Spoof

Rebug_4.53.2u_rex_cobra by joonie86 ,
as from now ive installed this in 2 slims CECH-2003B and CECH-2504B and 1 phat nand CECHC and a phat CECHM nor models firmware is running fine with multiman,showtine and playing ps3isos and ps1isos and ps2isos to with irisman installed and also logged into psn with 4.60 spoofer no problem played gta for 1 hour and also cod ghosts no problems all settings in this rebug working perfect no softbrick on bricking issues also boots up fine xmb if installing use rogero downgrader to 3.55 and then put on usb stick 3.55 ofw and then install rebug also this will not install over habids 4.55 or rogero 4.55 so you need to downgrade to 3.55 to install it always make sure you are flagged so you can go up and down cfw without the rick of bricking issues and its always handy to have a flasher handy when checking out firmware thanks to joonie86 for the updates on this

as joonie86 posted me
Just let you know I found one problem

PS2 ISO is working fine in general on both NORMAL/REBUG mode,

However, only certain condition, it has an issue with PS2 Emu.

“CEX/Retail XMB Menu” with PS2 ISO combination will give you shutdown.

but DEBUG CEX/DEX XMB Menu with PS2 ISO work fine on any condition on both CEX / DEX LV2 Kernels.

So this is already good enough.

I may want to fix that little issue later, but this is what I have found so far.

This should be the FINAL test version that has NO PROBLEM at all…_BY_Joonie.PUP

Updated feature

  1. newest webman mod 1.30.18 integrated
  2. 4.60 Spoof supported via REBUG mode on both CEX/DEX + CEX/Retail XMB
  3. PS2/PSP EMU also work fine on both CEX/DEX with 4.60 Spoofed

*RSOD BYPASS is also already applied by Team REBUG, just let you know

Nerazumem zašto ga nisu uradili za 4.55 …:confused:

Pa i ovo je “leaked” nije zvanicno, jer oni kad su poceli na ovom da rade posle 5 dana izasao 4.55 a ove cobra funkcije su najgore za portovanje, i lepo su svi trazili obican CEX da urade oni nista

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update 3

Just done testing on both CEX/DEX sides, PS2 / PSP Emu finally confirmed to work.

_4.60 Spoof is also fine… _

I guess this would be the real last build unless someone has an issue with PS2 on BC Console.

_Click _**HERE to download

MD5 2014-08-04 ?? 11:21:13

Path: C:\REBUG 4.53.3U
ec1a09e122795d8c01c82839122e6e72 REBUG_4.53.3U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP 202.1 MB (211,950,502)

TOTAL: 1 files - 202.1 MB (211,950,502 bytes)

Change log
-PSP Emu is now working fine on CEX/DEX in any condition.