Prvi teaser za Project Bluestreak, novu igru Cliffy B

First Teaser Footage Revealed At PAX East

As you may have heard, at our PAX East panel we surprised the audience with the very first footage of the game: a special in-engine look at Project BlueStreak. It was short, but certainly sweet, as it was intended to be a special treat for those who braved the freezing temperatures to be with us at PAX. Luckily, you can now view the source Pre-Alpha footage right now from the comfort of your cozy, warm home!
Plus, as a part of this, we announced that we’re developing Project BlueStreak using Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Regarding the first teaser footage, for us we wanted this to be a special moment for all of you, the fans, at one of our favorite conventions. We didn’t want to lead with this on a traditional press outlet, nor did we not just want to post it to our YouTube channel first. We wanted to wait for an opportunity to share our enthusiasm for what we’re doing with real people… and it was great. We had a FULL HOUSE (unfortunately we had to turn people away), and people laughed and cried throughout (well, a baby did end up crying halfway through). Everyone who was able to make the panel, thank you so much for joining us. Everyone else, we’ve got more in store for you soon.

As a part of this special event, we also announced that we’re using Unreal Engine 4 to power our game… and that’s very exciting for us to finally share that news. What that means is we’re going to be able to talk about what we’re creating in-engine in real-time with you all. In the future, we’re going to bring you behind-the-scenes insight on how we created the video, our impressions of working with Unreal Engine 4, what it took to bring the first-ever footage to life and more.


Deluje mi kao trejler za UT nekako, ili neku igru na tu foru.

Moze da bude sta god, ali nekako ne dobijam wow efekat sa U4 engineom.