Project EVE / Teaser Trailer 4K 60fps (PC, X1, & PS4)

SHIFT UP, a Korean game company that developed mobile game “Destiny Child,” said it will produce AAA-class console games on April 4, 2019, Korean time.
The game is called Project Eve.
Company CEO Kim Hyung-tae says the game has a post-apocalypse worldview and is a single-play action game.
Currently, the game is being developed by more than 10 developers, and CEO Kim Hyung-tae says he will increase the number of developers to around 100.
The platform will be published as PS4,XBOX ONE and Steam and will respond to the next generation of platforms.
Currently, the game’s main developers are said to be centered on early “Blade and Soul” developers.
The story is said to be finished.
However, the release date was not disclosed in detail.
They said they used an unreal engine.