Kada proveravam call of duty black ops 3 preko abgx 360 pojavi mi se ovo

hecking Game
ISO: “E: orent\Call.Of.Duty.Black.Ops.III.XBOX360-iMARS\imars.codbo3.360.iso”
Size: 8738846720 bytes
Files in ISO: 532, Folders in ISO: 12
Total bytes used: 4232932183 (48.87%)
Game appears to have random padding

Checking default.xex
Original PE Filename:
Original PE Timestamp: 2015/10/05 23:56:21
Min Kernel Required: v2.0.17349.0
Game Name: COD: Black Ops III
No Avatar Awards
Achievements: 22 Achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore
XEX CRC = 691FBA95
XEX Media ID: 35B99162742F7746028869B9-33B8D0AD

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Region Code: 0xFFFFFFFF
Region Free!

Checking topology data
Topology data is blank!
Topology data won’t be verified because you have disabled the option to verify

Checking SS
Timestamp of Authoring: 2015/10/07 00:00:00
Timestamp of Mastering: 2015/10/09 23:58:31
SS Version: 2 (trusted)
SS CRC = DBBBB598 (RawSS = 2D77C3C4)
SS Media ID: 35B99162742F7746028869B9-33B8D0AD (matches game)
SS looks valid

Checking DMI
Timestamp of Authoring: 2015/10/07 00:00:00 (matches SS)
DMI Media ID: 35B99162742F7746028869B9-33B8D0AD (matches game)
DMI looks valid

Checking PFI
PFI CRC = 26AF4C58
PFI matches known data (XGD3)

Video partition found
Video CRC = 9D85D702 (V0 = 54ED62F7, V1 = D2E51636)

Basic Stealth check passed!

Checking for AnyDVD style game data corruption while running CRC check…
AnyDVD style corruption was not detected
Game CRC = 93CFFE78

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EDIT:moze lock našao sam rešenje