Party Buffalo

postoji li ne gde neki kratki pregled ovog programa za pc koji omogucava da vidi xbox360 hdd

evo ti na engleskom

Party Buffalo Drive Explorer (Latest version) Download

To use, connect your drive (if using a drive), press File>Open>Open Drive Selector>Select your drive. If you’re not using a drive, load your file by going to File>Open>Open Dump.

Features so far…

  • Backing up of drive

  • Extracting files

  • Reading files

  • Reading backups/files that are a single FATX partition (such as the xlaunch.fdf file found in devkats)

  • USB support added 1/13/2010

  • Backing up security sector

  • STFS implimentation (so you can see the game name/file name of an STFS package

  • Undelition

Future updates…

  • Adding support for memory units

  • Writing to individual sectors/clusters

  • Reading form individual sectors/clusters

  • Anything else that people would want

  • Package creation