Novi Deus Ex na vratima?

Eidos teases new Deus Ex
“Are YOU ready for The Fall?”

Eidos Montréal has begun teasing what’s heavily tipped to be a new Deus Ex project.

In early March, Eidos parent company Square Enix registered several domains including ‘’, ‘’ and several regional variations including ‘’.

And today Eidos Montreal tweeted:

In February, Square Enix also filed a trademark for ‘Deus Ex: Human Defiance’, which sparked rumours of a sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

That title has, however, since been linked to an upcoming movie. The publisher is currently collaborating with CBS films on a Deus Ex film adaptation to be directed by Scott Derrickson.

A Wii U edition of Deus Ex Human Revolution was also announced in March. Square Enix says it will feature “overhauled boss fights, refined game balance and combat, improved AI, and striking visual improvements which make this edition the best looking and most immersive Deus Ex experience available”.

Game designer Emile Pedneault also said in April that none of the improvements or additions available in the Wii U version are due to be patched into the older PS3, Xbox 360 or PC editions.

Naime kruze price da ms radi na exclusivi s square enixom iza strogo zatvorenih vrata mozda ce nam ovi developeri ponuditi jos jednu fantasticnu XBOX One exclusive-u

Otkud ti to? Mislim gde si pročitao tu priču?

ebes ga ne mmogu da nadjem a procitao sam negdje na gamereportu ili oxm-u nisam siguran kad naletim postat cu ovdje,no oni rade na igri za xbox one u strogoj tajnosti

Ma ok, kad nadjes, interesuje me sta su tacno rekli

koliko znam Black Tusk studio iz Kanade radi exkluzivu za novi box…

ma da nesto kao kvaliteta ce biti u rangu jednog haloa sto zvuci jako dobro,no da se vratimo na ovo,spekulira se kako ms radi na tajnom projektu u square enixu iza zatvorenih vrata te ista ne zele komentirati jer sve drze u top secret toliko se sjecam da sam procitao udem jos pogledao pa cu ostaviti ovdje link

SE i Microsoft rade ekskluzivu zajedno :rolleyes:

Eidos Montreal teases Deus Ex project

A week out from E3, game studios have begun to tease what will almost certainly be game announcements made at the event. A set of messages from Eidos Montreal have revived the long-dormant talk of Deus Ex: The Fall.

The first tweet (via Videogamer) simply asked, “Are YOU ready for The Fall?” That seems straightforward enough given the domain registrations from March. A follow-up asks, “Who is Ben Saxon?” That clue is a bit more intriguing.

According to the Deus Ex Wiki, Ben Saxon was one of the two main protagonists of the 2011 Deus Ex novel, Icarus Effect. Saxon was a former British SAS agent who was, naturally enough for the Deus Ex series, augmented with all kinds of cybernetic doodads. He’s already saved the world once, so that certainly sounds like a prime candidate for a new protagonist.

We’ll likely know more within a week, but in the meantime Eidos seems to be dropping Twitter clues at a fairly regular pace. At the very least, this should be a more satisfying reveal than Deus Ex: Human Defiance.

Aha vazi st smo se primili da ce deus biti xbox one exkluziva :smiley:

ne krivo si shvatio nisam rekao da ce deus ex biti exc vec da square enix radi na igri s ms iza zatvorenih vrata danas popodne cu postati link sam da nadjem