Kinect Sports World Record

Kinect Sports World Record: How to participate?
Filed Under: Xbox Kinect News by ClemensApril 20, 2011

We already reported on this upcoming weekend where all of us can help set (and break) a Guiness world record (no, not the one that Microsoft already owns), but one where we all run like crazy! It’s this weekend, and you we all get access to Xbox Live gold features for free!
Anyways, now there’s a movie for those of you who don’t like reading.
Xbox Live Nations

The accompanying text reads:
Get ready for a Free Xbox LIVE Weekend, with Xbox Nations this Easter Weekend. From 21st-25th April everyone will be able to access some of the great Gold features for FREE. Take all your favourite games online, share your triumphs with Facebook and take part in multiplayer mayhem.
How to Participate
El33tonline helps us with the question of how to participate:
First, to log your participation sign into your Xbox LIVE account and download the Guinness World Record gamerpic before the official start time of 8pm CET
Just before the race starts, load your copy of Kinect Sports, choose Mini-Games from the Main Menu screen, Select 100m Dash and then how many people you would like to participate (1 – 4 players). Finally select Continue and you’re ready to race in the 100m mini game!
At 8pm CET run the 100m dash as normal, with up to four people
Any questions still? Shout out, before it is too late.

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