Killer Instinct: Season 2 won't officially launch until October

Killer Instinct: Season 2 won’t officially launch until October, but the new features and balance changes will arrive earlier than that.

Prior to hitting PAX Prime, the folks at Iron Galaxy took to Twitch to reveal some new details about Killer Instinct and the upcoming second season. Most notably, the crew detailed some of the balance tweaks that will affect all characters, which are set to arrive on September 23.
Iron Galaxy’s Adam Keits opened the stream by noting that the changes can be accessed by anyone on this September date, regardless of whether or not they have early access to TJ Combo. The team went on to demonstrate some of the new mechanics set to be introduced, such as the air combo breaker, which was first announced at Evo. All combo breaker mechanics, including shadow combo breakers and counter breakers will likewise work with air combos, as well.
Other changes include damage adjustment for opening and closing hits and various bug fixes. The full change list for the game, as well as each individual character, can be found on Iron Galaxy’s forums. You can also watch the archived stream below to watch the individual changes in action, as well as some new gameplay footage for TJ Combo. Season two will kick off on October 15.