Iznenadenje i očekivanje RGH3 TX coolrunner v3

Kako se na xbox360 sceni dečavaju čudne stvari i kako konkurencija izbacuje svoje novitete SQUIRT CORONA EDITION - 1.2 BGA, Team Xecuter iznenadjuje svojim dodacima za za svoje mod chipove kao i podrskom za Corona ploce sa coolrunnerom rev A, rev B i rev C. Obradovao nas je i sa lepom vešću da će TX coolrunner v3 usao masovnu proizvodnju i da RGH3 je na vratima :slight_smile:

It’s been just over 2 months since we cracked the Corona and perfected the boot performance along with the new RATER System so you can get the absolute best quality glitch for your money.

The JR programmer v2 is also in production along with a brand new QSB for the Trinity and the Corona.

As a special gift and in honor of our American friends as today is 4th July we will include a free RATER QSB System in the first 1000 CoolRunner 3’s free of charge (Value $6.95)

[SIZE=5]DIY Corona Upgrade For CoolRunners[/SIZE]**

Speaking of special gifts…

We have decided to release some of our code that will glitch 16MB Corona’s using a CoolRunner or any other standard XC2C64A based glitch board.

It’s still RGH2 based and is no where near as good and fast and reliable as the CoolRunner 3 / RGH3 - but for those that want to have a play until then, you can easily do a DIY upgrade by adding a crystal and changing a couple of components.

A NAND-X or JR programmer v1 can still be used to read/write the 16MB NAND.

The pic shows a Rev A, we’re just putting together the info for the Rev B and Rev C too and will get all of that code and parts info posted shortly.
CPU RESET Cleaner Shipping This Week ![/SIZE]

One of the main problems for RGH2 users (and some RGH1 too), is the quality of the CPU_RST line. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen some great results on our forums with various methods of combining different capacitors and resistors to give a really nice performance boost (some guys went from not glitching at all to 10 seconds !)

We have designed this very nice addon board which with have simply called the COOLRUNNER CPU RESET CLEANER.

You can easily select resistor Combos of 1K, 2K and 3.3K, and capacitor combos of 470pF, 560pF and 680pF - these are all of the values that gave the very best results.

Can be used on all Xecuter CoolRunners and all other RGH Glitch Boards on both Phat and Slim version installs.

On sale at all good Xecuter Stockists from next week only $4.95

[SIZE=5]JR Programmer v1 Speed Upgrade[/SIZE]

The new JR programmer v2 read/writes MUCH faster than the v1 so we have taken the speed tech we used and made a simple upgrade PCB for the v1 to give it the new v2 speeds (now almost as fast as the NAND-X !). The upgrade is being manufactured next week and will be available to buy from all good Xecuter Stockists for only $4.95
…and finally**[/SIZE]

Remember the cool addons for DemoN that we talked about. How about Bluetooth or WiFi ?

yes that is an iPhone running a Demon and Coolrunner

Yes that is an iPhone running a Demon and Coolrunner - thanks to our good friend BioHazard

Oh you want Android too ? OK…

CPU_RST Cleaner mi se najvise svidja od svega hehhehe a ne da palamudimo sa otpornicima rucno, no za ovo sokocalo da damo 5 dolara a svi otoprnici i kondenzaotori zajedno kostaju 20 dinara nekako ne ide :P, svi samo gledaju parice apsolutno se sve svodi na to…

inace momcima svaka cast, rade posao samo tako…

ali ovaj cristal za clock koji se ubacuje jer na Coroni nema HANA i clock-a to su jos pre dobrih 5 meseci pronasli 360squirt Team-a a ovi iz TX sve usavrsavaju sto je po meni cudno.
360 Squirt mod chip je vec u prodaji i podrsku su izbacili kako sta…

Otpornici su i kondezatori jesu jeftini ali gotov proizvod kao addon malo vise kosta.

Da da zucko (kristal) :slight_smile: heheh izvalio sam to… valjda je bilo da je procurela informacija iz txa pa oni uzeli a sad ovi iz txa izbacuju ljudski usavrseno, bas bio taj leak pre par meseci…

A ovo za otpornike jbg kosta izrada… znam to sve

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