[email protected]’s Winter of Arcade / Ashen, Below, Subnautica, Hello Neighbor, Mutant Year Zero... $5 gift card za svaku kupljenu igru

To help celebrate the nine rad games we’re including in the program this year, fans will get a $5 gift card for each game they purchase through the Microsoft Store Online or Xbox, after the first one, up to a total of $40 if they buy all nine games! In addition to these great savings, we’re stoked to announce that [email protected] Winter of Arcade will also feature four super cool games that will or have launched day and date into Xbox Game Pass: Below , Ashen , Mutant Year Zero and Kingdom Two Crowns.

Monster Boy and the Curse Kingdom
Mutant Year Zero (Xbox Game Pass)
Subnautica (Xbox One X Enhanced)
Ashen (XB1X Enhance and Game Pass)
Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek
Kingdom Two Crowns (Xbox Game Pass)
Desert Child
Below (XB1X Enhanced and Game Pass)
Donut County

Najbolja vest je da Below dolazi u Xbox Game Pass!