Halo 4 Trailer

[SIZE=4]**Halo Fest: Halo 4 Concept Art Glimpse


Dobro izgleda, uh

Ček… oni su animirali koncept art? Que? Mislim izgleda genijalno, ali toliki trud je mogao otići i u “pravi” trailer :slight_smile:

Da jesu,evo ga ceo clanak.

[SIZE=4]Halo 4 trailer teases concept art[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]“A glimpse into Halo 4’s concept art, atmosphere and aesthetic ideas,” says 343 Industries[/SIZE]

343 Industries showed PAX attendees this weekend a new video for Halo 4 showing off some of the game’s concept art and here it is below.

343 said: “This video is a cool little thing our video and audio team at 343 Industries threw together to give you a glimpse into some of Halo 4’s concept art, atmosphere and aesthetic ideas.”

It added: “Although you shouldn’t get too attached to any of the specific ideas or scenarios in here, it does represent some of our early, current and ongoing artistic effort.”

Halo fans interested in seeing what the Warthog will look like in Halo 4 will be able to get their eyes on it in Forza Motorsport 4’s Autovista mode.

P.S. A evo ga i jedan screenshot-ic usput :slight_smile:

Neko je sastavio poslednjih par frejmova iz trejlera

Nekome je baš dosadno bilo :slight_smile:

Kako mi je pre jak ovaj trailer pogledao sam ga jedno 10-ak puta,jedan od najbolji trailer-a sigurno a pogotovo sound.