God of war ascension eu duplex

Nikako da pokrenem igicu, izadje mi logo “duplex” i nakon toga me vrati u meni konzole. Pokusavao sam da obrisem fajlove koje preporucuju po forumima, ali ponovo nista.:confused:

moras da ubacis disk. ascension ne radi bez diska.

Probao sam i ovo, ali nece. Nakon ovih updejtova vise nemam logo duplexa.

Ok so here’s what I did, I installed the 1.01 update (EP9000-BCES01741_00-GOWABDPATCH00001-A0101-V0100-PE.pkg) and then installed the 3.40-3.55 fix from opoisso893 (BCES01741_A0101-341-355 by opoisso893 - NeedOfficial101.pkg).

I then put a disk inside the play (the one I got with my playstation move, the discovery one). I launched the game, no duplex logo and back to xmb :confused:

I launched the game another time just to see, no logo again but this time game launched.

Da li da instaliram ovo ps3news.com ?

meni ova verzija radi savrseno


Mislim ne znaci ti puno osim ako neces opet da skidas celu igru.

Eureka:party: Evo tutorijala koji je meni pomogao, jedino sto mi ponekad u toku igranja izlazi neka greska, ali pritisnes O i nastavis da ih cepas!W!

Works on Kmeaw 3.55
To transfer the game over FTP (install a FTP server found on Google, put the FTP file on a USB stick, plug it in the PS3, the file should have a .pkg ending. Install FileZilla on your PC, google a bit how to make a connection.

I did as mentioned above.
Locate the Archive file in USRDIR
Open Archive file in Notepad (right click open in Notepad)
Remove (delete)
Change 17 (in my case it was 19) to 15.
Save the Archive in.

Transfer the whole game BCES01741 to Hdd0/GAMES folder. it will take a while 15 mins+.

Go to PS3, close the FTP connection after the whole game is transfered.

Start Multiman, you should have the latest version, google it and update it. Same process as installing FTP software on your PS3.

Under Games, you’ll see God Of War, press Triangle /_ , choose settings, set permissions. Let it work for 10 seconds.
Choose INTERNAL on the left menu.

Press Start.

You’ll be thrown to XBMC menu, the original PS3 menu.

Game God of War will be visible on the menu.

Start the game.

You’ll be asked to install version 1,03, click O to cancel.

The game will start.

Remember, no eboot fixing.
You need to have a game (any kind of game) in your PS3, it might not be necessary.
Newest version of Multiman.
You have to set game to INTERNAL.
The game must be on your internal HDD (hard disc drive) Might work on external, haven’t tried.

Follow the steps, dont miss anything, worked for me right away.

Ohh, I encountered an other small problem, if you dont have any space left on your HDD, the game will quit automatically due to auto save wont be possible.

Hope this helped the rookies.