Ghost of Tsushima - GAMEPLAY Trailer

Grafika je ekstra. SP, open world, rpg? Šta je tačno igra?

uf kako izgleda igra. Sta rade razvojni timovi nowadays sa konzolama starim 5 godina,

Kontam da ce biti standardno open world sa rpg elementima.


Stvarno se čovek zapita kakvu magiju koriste. Da ovako nešto prikaže Ubi znao bih da je laž i da će pasti ozbiljan downgrade :joy:

Mislim i da ce i ovde pasti downgrade ovo je nestvarno. I vidi se da je ovaj demo bas uradjen for promotional purposes. Nema hud nema nista.

Videćemo, mada kada su Soni devovi u pitanju sve je moguće.

Hm, ako su U4 i GoW onako izgledali, a ostalo ie jos u rezervi do kraja generacije, moguce je. Samo da bude otkljucan fps za Pro, muka mi je od 4k.

zato sto nisi uzeo tv jos :smiley:

Zbog 1300e. Svaki dan merkam B7 Oled.

za te pare nastavi da merkaš…LG OLED55B7V teško ispod 1500€…
Mada, znam ko može da donese za oko 1450€ :wink:

Puni oglasi za 1400, ali mislim da sam vidjao i za manje.

Puno para, u svakom slucaju. Vise me brine osuda okoline, tj Milice. :smiley:

Nemoj ti mene da mešaš… To je internet eksplodirao još u onoj ekspanziji za prvi deo, a onda BF V, pa su ovde neki kukali za Girse ovde, kako onda ova igra da prodje bez osude, Mada ja lično volim lezbejke, pogotovo sisate, ove nisu sisate :-1:? :smiley:


Pogresan topic Milance. :smiley:

Naucno je dokazano da velike grudi privlace manje imucne muskarce, a ja ipak merkam LG Oled :slight_smile:

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  • It’s an open world game.

  • The game is grounded and realistic.

  • The trailer we saw last night is not part of the main story, it’s a side quest!

  • Landscapes range from the swaying bamboo forests of the countryside, to the urban centers of ornate castles.

  • There a lot of stories in the game that you may not find them all.

  • Main storyline will be Jin vs. the Mongols.

  • The game is a original work of fiction they are not rebuilding history stone by stone.

  • He’s had to go beyond his samurai training in order to fight back against the Mongols.

  • The theme of the combat is “mud, blood, and steel”. Expect to get dirty and muddy.

  • Possibility of other weapons but they’re only showing the katana right now.

  • Sucker Punch teases that Jin’s combat style abandons some samurai techniques, swapping them for the “violent grace of a silent assassin”.

  • Jin has learned to use a grapple hook but this is not part of his samurai training. He’s had to learn new tricks to silently kill the Mongols.

  • Strong focus on minimalism for the graphics, you see the things that are more pronounce.

  • “Movement” is the environment theme, expect everything to move - blowing trees, windy fields, falling leaves.

  • Everything you can see in the background you can go to such as a Pagoda and Mongol ships, you have the freedom to go where you want at your on pace.

  • They want to give players a lot of navigational options.

  • There will be a minimal game HUD but they’re not showing it just yet.

  • Looks like there’s a photo mode.

  • You can play the game with a Japanese voice track.

  • The main character is called Jin Sakai.

  • Jin’s nickname is “The Ghost of Tsushima”.

  • Jin has become a “legend” in Japan called “The Ghost”.

  • You can ride a horse, and that horse’s name is Nobu.

  • Expect that level of detail (E3 2018 trailer) in the whole game.

Leaked info:

  • Samurai were the most respectable people in Japan, people bow to Jin as he passes by on foot or horseback, but samurai were also feared; some women and children will attempt to hide or flee at the sight of Jin, while others will attempt to attack in order to prove themselves, or take some of the valuable gear a samurai would typically carry. This all helps to make the world feel alive and immersive. Not sure how often these civilian interactions occur. Each outpost has a story behind it and a quest line, not just “take out these soldiers and you retake the village”. Villages can be retaken by Mongols if you do not complete the quest line.

  • The game has two central towns (think Witcher 3), and many smaller outposts / villages. There are NPCS who can help train you in the ways of the Ghost, as for a Samurai, it would be a completely different form, and dishonorable way, of combat. Don’t expect Jin to be able to right out of the gate know how to throw shuriken, use kunai, use alchemy (poisons, create potions, and explosives), use grappling hooks to get on top of rooftops, quickly, etc.

  • 2 major skill trees with many branches; which are way of the samurai, and way of the ghost. Samurai focusing more on sword play, archery, and defense, while ghost focuses more on stealth, alchemy, and agility.

  • Samurai skill tree is fully unlocked from the start, while ghost requires you to complete tasks in order to unlock a specific branch, such as working with an alchemist in order to learn poison abilities, or to create potions with strong effects.

  • You will be free to switch between samurai and ghost kits. Jin in full samurai armor won’t be able to climb buildings (you can still jump, don’t worry) or swim/dive, and would be fit more for a defensive, all out attack build. This can be balanced out however by mixing kits. You switch by going into any outpost / town, there you will also be able to sleep in order to pass the time, so if you prefer to tackle a mission at night as a ghost, or at day as a samurai, it’s up to you.

  • So for a more grounded approach, samurai is recommended.

  • Think of climbing buildings as a faster paced assassins creed. Tenchu style grappling hook makes it even faster.

  • You don’t necessarily want to be seen in your ghost kit, as people may take you for an assassin and will sometime be hostile toward you. The game recommends you to be the ghost at night, but samurai at day. Some quests will only be handed out in your samurai gear, or only in your ghost gear, such as assassination requests. Double agent type of system and story to back it up.


Zvanicno dakle nece biti downgrade. :slight_smile:

Sjajno zvuci.

Daj Bože da bude tako, igra je jedina uz GeoW5 na sajmu koja me je baš oduvala.

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Ako je ovo grafika koja će biti u igri, onda ovo izlazi na PS5.

Nope, na obicnom PS4. Optimizacija.

Izgleda fantastično, tip igre koje ja najviše volim da igram. Oni potezi katanom su savršeno uradjeni, ako bude ovako i u finalnoj verziji, pada preorder.