Final Fantasy XV demo details revealed

Episode Duscae - the upcoming demo for Final Fantasy XV, packed in with the first copies of Type-0 - is going to be with us this March, and I’m looking forward to scampering about its techno-modern-fantasy world as the trendiest JRPG cast this side of Shibuya. But what’s in the demo?, you might be wondering if you’ve been teased by my previous news posts. Well, I can finally tell you.

Here’s what’s in Episode Duscae, courtesy of Famitsu magazine and Siliconera.

> Plains, mountains, and a few sneaky caves (ie the ‘Duscae’ region of FFV’s world). These caves will feature tougher monsters than found elsewhere, guarding precious treasure for you to plunder.

> The ability to camp in the wilderness, which allows you to sample your mate Ignis’ cooking. Cooked food will have beneficial effects, unlike in the real world, where it just takes up precious plate-space that could be occupied by crisps. Ingredients will need to be acquired first, however, either from shops or from helpful monsters. Apparently there’s a ‘cooking level’ too, suggesting chefing can be improved over time.
> Speaking of camping, it’s here that you’ll alter equipment, and use acquired experience to improve your characters. Final Fantasy games tend to let you do this on the fly, wherever you are, so it would make quite a big change to have to camp every time you want to customise your heroes.

> Main character Noctis can be revived by his chums if his HP reaches zero, something that’s likely to happen if you encounter Behemoth, the giant monster roaming around the Duscae region’s forest. You’ll be able to take Behemoth on in the demo, should you be looking for a meaty challenge after you’ve levelled up a bit.

Episode Duscae is out alongside Final Fantasy Type-0, on the 17th/20th March.