Final Fantasy XIII-3? Square Enix planira unapred

Square Enix registers Final Fantasy XIII-3 domain

Square Enix is planning ahead for the day the company releases Final Fantasy XIII-3, as it appears the company has just registered the domain name through Corporation Service Company (CSC), a corporate domain registrar that provides trademark services. Square Enix and its gaming companies have used CSC for other game domain purchases such as and

According to Whois records, was registered on September 7, 2011.

But if the purchase is more than just part of the company’s intellectual property strategy, it’ll be awhile before anything is seen.

Square Enix is expected to release Final Fantasy XIII-2, the direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, in January 2012 — nearly a year and a half after was registered and 2 years after talk of a sequel began.

Mozda se to nekome nece svideti, ali i deset nastavaka XIII da prave, meni se svidja i sve bi ih odigrao.

Poceo sam od sedmice i koju god da sam igrao posle, dobra mi je bila :rock:

TO SRECO! Samo neka nam daju nastavke… :smiley:

p.s. Jos kad bi i Versus 13…Uhh… :confused: