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Datum izlaska: 27. Septembar- USA, 30. Septembar- EU
Platforme: PS3,X360,PC
Izdavac: EA Sports
Zanr: Sportska simulacija

While many games in the sporting genre continue to offer little more than an upgrade to their predecessor, FIFA has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years implementing a wide range of game modes, online innovations and a truly outstanding game engine that works wonders to simulate the beautiful game. Though FIFA 11 was more of a refinement of FIFA 10’s issues than a further evolution of the series, it certainly didn’t disappoint. However there was still plenty of room for improvement.

This year there are going to be some major changes. Not content with the beautiful game that FIFA 11 currently delivers, FIFA 12 looks to improve in almost every department. The latest issue of OXM speaks with Lead gameplay designer Aaron McHardy who reveals how the football on the pitch has been fine-tuned with precision dribbling, new defensive maneuvers and the ability to get injured while playing.

McHardy says you can injure your players by over-working them, or making a rash challenge, as well as through crunching tackles from your opponents. In defense, players will no longer be able to “press” opponents, but will instead be able to “contain,” jockeying them into a safe position before timing a tackle to perfection. Animations will also be overhauled to bring home the intensity of the tackle. Overall, McHardy claims the FIFA 12 Impact Engine now “gives us better accuracy, better momentum, more realistic outcomes, solving a lot of situations we tried not to get into before.”

Dribbling has also been enhanced and now, instead of having two changes of pace – slow and fast – players will have a third “jogging” speed they can use which aims to give us more control over the ball as well as the ability to dribble and shield. And you’re going need every trick in the book to work your way past defenses as A.I. in FIFA 12 is said be vastly improved.

Overall, OXM seemed bowled over by FIFA 12. "The result is physical play that looks astonishingly authentic,” says the author. “EA’s hoping that by making defensive play more strategic, even nil-nil draws will be gripping.” FIFA 12 is due for release in October, 2011.


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the impacts between players is one thing. But what about the goalkeeper?
It is housed on the same page, and I can tell you that much has galley! in fifa 11, the goalkeeper was invincible, even crossing through the bodies of opponents or teammates to catch the ball. Collisions being what they are with the new impact engine, we had to rework his travel towards the ball, how he catches the ball and dives, but there is still more balancing work to be done
On one of your videos, you see a player get hurt. can you tell us more? The purpose is the same as fifa 11. But our engine is powerful enough to understand the contacts, in the sense that it analyzes and pass on any blow or twist in real time. Concretely, if you see Van Persie fall backward and land on his right knee, it is likely that he’ll suffer a twist or a break. If he is injured, the player holds his right knee, and not an area at random like in previous FIFAs! The game stores each injury location on every player in memory. You will need to be careful playing a previously injured player once his period of unavailability ends. Because there is a risk of recurrence injury for certain players … By the way, you will also take care not to push too hard a player, particularly after a long sprint for example: strains and sprains can occur in fifa 12!
As seen on TV: Before kickoff, the bright colors are also up, with a reworked between teams and logos punctate leaders, a common practice across the channel. The starting eleven and substitutes, the star of the team and his photo, available to the players, everything is made to evoke the television broadcasts today. Lastly, the cinematic team has been shovelful of new cinematic, when changing, for example.
It is hoped that ea sports will overhaul how its free kick system is programmed, a little too easy to exploit in fifa 11
Ability to play, triggered strikes of the head are, in effect, analyzed in real time by the computer, which will adapt his game to look more directly towards tall players such as crouch, on the contrary, the A.I will avoid feeding David Villa breaks with long air balls.
Always beautiful from afar but sometimes debatable in detail, FIFA 11 was swarming with small visual bugs, legs overlapping, falls triggered by mishaps and misinterpretations … nothing too serious, but it tasted more change sets by EA Sports Fifa 12 which is most unexpected. From now, it has become accustomed faundra bodies touching without clipping, tackled players now fall in the right direction, and players will not automatically fall when they can avoid a tackle. We therefore expect a game less messy, and more technical.
Formerly scripted, these kind of collisions/tackles are now handled in real time thanks to the impact engine: if the player can avoid the impact, he will!
Already present in earlier editions of the game, protecting the ball has never worked as expected. The fault has a double advantage: the defense of one side, the templates of some monstrous players [such as Drogba …] the other. In FIFA 12, everything is handled in real time and, if having the trunk is necessarily a plus, will also contain small rear attacks
We are still waiting to see the behavior of keepers in between their sticks. That said, it was already able to see some amazing collisions involving the GK. The result of a good collision [or poor one] are flying up the players with a force and realism that are great to see. It is hoped that EA Sports will anyway find a balance, history does not attend too many aerial ballet, history does not transform into fifa madden
This year, the default camera is closer to the pitch. it accentuates the effect of depth, players seemed, suddenly, more or less closer to the screen, the players or the 22 FIFA 11 seemed to be the same size at all times. At a glance, we noticed and admired the modeling stages, improved [the technical area will have managers] to the existing. In addition, three new arenas are planned.
The AI can adapt to certain players that are present on the pitch, these are players described as “forces”. It is certainly good news for games against the A.I or computer, but also for the Be A Pro mode. Consider this: according to your profile, your teammates you seek on your strengths! Even for the career bonus. unpredictability by buying a handful of big name transfers into your team you are likely to completely change the game system of your opponents as they have to change tactics to deal with certain players. Rather clever, no?
Shock therapy. Once the game kick-offs, however, the picture is reversed and becomes obvious. we expected an appreciable evolution but instead, we proceeded straight to the revolution, one we did not expect until the next generation of consoles! No doubt aware that they could not push performance far beyond the current engine of fifa 11, EA Sports has decided to create an entirely new physical engine. Having worked on this engine for two years, the programmers reached a result that should put a new and lasting foundation for the future of FIFA. But back to The present, he is assured by the new “impact engine”, years of precomputed collisions will be removed, players who are passing and clipping through other players bodies like ghosts. All gone
In two words, you’ll understand, fifa 12 manages all real-time! precision and gray matter of being collided with, you end up with incredibly realistic impacts: hip against hip collisions you often see on TV, impacts from behind and even simple frontal collisions are managed with painstaking detail taking into account patterns, positioning and momentum of each player. Diving has the simple rolls Valbuena jitter is coherent, credible and all but automatic. Indeed, the artificial intelligence of each player will be more alive, if possible, players will aim to avoid the impact or rather go down. The ball is travelling on and you’ve just skipped a tackle? Depending on how gifted he is, the player will throw a leg, jump or shift his body completely to keep control of the ball and avoid a possible injury (see interview page 65). With an engine capable of this level of detail, ea sports has sought to update its system of defense, far too simple and efficient. the constant spamming of the square button (or round) is no longer effective, the defender follows the target but does not intervene, you therefore have to make the decision on the right time to take the ball, any delay in timing can result in a foul
introduced in order to allow certain players to showcase their talents - not jealous! - this feature promises to balance the debate and above all to finally bring some presence and charisma to the real handlers of class in the beautiful game. Messi, fabregas and other virtuosos who are very good at “curling the whiskers” of the most fierce defenders should finally burst into the open, and it is so much better. In the hands of the most gifted players, they will benefit from new dribbling moves, available at very low speeds, by simply playing with the left analog stick. small touches, players move while maintaining full control of the ball, always prepared to avoid a challenge, keep the ball or escape with pace. We were pleased to see in passing, the new ball protection system, efficient templates for the same resources, and especially coupled to a triggering of automated calls by the players around: perfect for a lonely striker to serve as a target man for hold up play!

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igra izlazi 27. septembra za US, dok EU izlazi 30. spetembra. i konacno, ista verzija igre izlazi za sve tri platforme (xbox360, ps3, pc)

_FIFA 12 will be released in the US on September 27, and in Europe on September 30 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

EA also confirmed that the Impact Engine - previously only available on HD console versions of the game - will be coming to the PC. The system simulates the way real-life players challenge for the balls and interact. _