FIFA 14 Megapatch 1.0 Veey & Dramacydal

Za sve one koji su zainteresovani za mnogo bolji uzitak u igranju ove fransize izasao je mod-dodatak koji su odradili zajedno Veey & Dramacydal koji donose sledece:


  • JTAG/RGH console
  • Extracted FIFA 14 iso
  • External HDD in FAT32 format


  • More than 100 faces
  • Players tattoos
  • Updated kits for unlicensed teams
  • Updated logos for unlicensed teams
  • Specific adboards for most teams
  • Updated team/League names
  • Career Mod patch
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    FIFA 14 Better Career Patch


  • Less quick trow-ins! (Will speed up the gameplay!)
  • Better Fitness Model, (most) players will be more tired after a match
  • Removed some ‘gameplay cheating’ while playing to lower/higher teams (more balanced gameplay)
  • Complete disabled Radio! (Do you also ‘hate’ the guy that talks about matches when you wanted to listen to the music?)


  • Player age range: 14-19
  • More scouts from your (managing) country
  • Better scouting, why wouldn’t a left back have any tricks/speed?
  • Scouting reports longer expire time
  • Improvements in (global) scouting


  • Less top-player movement
  • Higher player values (Suarez moved to Barca for 66 Million!)
  • More club activities, almost every club will take a look at the transfer marked (loan/list players)
  • League ranking changes
  • More clubs will bid on your players
  • Short loan increased to 5 months instead of 3
  • Teams will take better look at players, before buying and visa versa
  • A player will stay longer at a club and will try to move to a club if better than current
  • Low teams will have to be smart, they can’t longer sign high salary players

Player Growth

  • More players will grown during season
  • More focus on youth players grown
  • Keepers will grown

Player Retirement

  • Less player retirement


  • Removed/Tweaked some news stories (overpriced player, etc.)
  • More clubs will be taken over by a company
  • Reduced max. players in squad to prevent crashing career mode
  • A more fun & realistic Career Mode
    Uputstva i objasnjenje oko instalacije mozete naci na ovom linku:
    Ja sam ubacio probao i moram reci da sam ODUSEVLJEN!!! Probajte…

Da li je ovim patch-om ubacen tim Srbije?

nazalost ne,samo se unapredjuje igrivost igre-gameplay,dodaju face igracima,stvara mogucnost menjanjja dresova timovima,unapredjen je mod karijere…dodavanja timova i liga nije moglo do sada(koliko je meni poznato)

Ja ne uspevam da dodjem dalje od onog zagrevanja pre utakmice, kad se izvode one vezbe. Blokira, jedva uspem da ugasim konzolu na dugme.