ESO’s cash shop to sell potions, soul gems, mounts, vanity pets, costumes, more

Zenimax Online has detailed some of the items that will be available in The Elder Scrolls Online‘s cash shop—known as the Crown Store—once the game drops its subscription fee in March.

According tot he developer, players will be able to use their Crowns (ESO’s real-money equivalent currency) to purchase potions (health, satmina, and magika), soul gems, mounts, vanity pets, costumes, and more. Zenimax stressed that its philosophy of convenience and customization will always be used to determine what gets sold and what doesn’t.

“The most important thing to remember about Tamriel Unlimited’s virtual currency system is that we’re not adjusting the base game—it will be exactly the same game, with the same leveling pace, experience point gain, user interface, etc. that you have been used to since April of last year,” explained game director Matt Firor. “We’re adding customization and convenience items in the Crown Store, but those will be added to the game as it is now; we’re not going to make it harder for you to enjoy the game you already play to encourage you to use the Crown Store.

“I want to take a moment and talk about the philosophy we use to determine the types of items we put in the store—you’ve heard us refer to them as “customization and convenience” items before. Simply put, this means that an item in the Crown Store serves one of two purposes: it either provides a visual upgrade or distinction for your character, or it provides a way to save time at the expense of spending crowns. When it comes to this second category of items, we generally will make in-game variants of similar items available either as drops or as player-craftable items, as well.”

One example given was the health, stamina, and magika potions. While these can be purchased from the Crown Store they will be weaker and less effective than the ones available to craft in game.

Firor added that the team plans to introduce experience boost potions to the Crown Store at some point after launch.

The Elder Scrolls Online‘s Crown Store is currently available for testing on the game’s public test server and the full release is scheduled for March. A PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release will follow on June 9.