Destiny Year One reward detailed on Bungie Day

Bungie has revealed it will be offering an exclusive emblem for Destiny players who have been around for the first year of the game’s ups, downs, and in-betweens.
This exclusive emblem can only be achieved by players who have achieved ten Moments of Triumph by September 9. If Guardians are unable to complete these moments a few days prior to the release of The Taken King, they lose their chance to earn it forever.
The Moments of Triumph require Guardians to complete the following tasks:
Apprentice of Light: A character reached the maximum level
Light of the Garden: Defeated the dark heart of the Black Garden
Light in the Dark: Prevented the summoning of Crota’s Soul
Light of the Reef: Captured Skolas in the Vex Citadel
Bane of Skolas: Defeated Prison of Elders on Hard Difficulty
Bane of Atheon: Defeated Atheon on Hard Difficulty
Bane of Crota: Defeated Crota on Hard Difficulty
Public Servant: Completed 50 Public Events
Crucible Gladiator: Won 100 Crucible Matches
Chest Hunter: Found all Golden Chests

Players will be able to track their progress towards completing the Moments of Triumph through the Destiny companion app. Once you have completed the Moments of Triumph, you’ll be rewarded with the Laurea Prima emblem as soon The Taken King is launched on September 15.