Destiny on Xbox One will need up to 40GB of harddrive space

Someone in the States has obtained a physical, boxed copy of Destiny, and (blurry) photos of the box reveal that Bungie’s MMO-shooter needs up to 40GB of harddrive space.

However, if you choose to pre-download Destiny for Xbox One before release, the install is just shy of 19GB. Here are photos of the box, and they are a little fuzzy.
So, what explains the gulf between a 19GB pre-download and a 40GB disc install? Could be that a day-one patch will install in the background - in fact, Destiny is built for background updates - and director of production Jonty Barnes has said that Bungie “can do small changes seamlessly, and then we can do larger changes”.

Destiny lands on Xbox One and Xbox 360 (and loads of other platforms) from 9th September. Until then, you might like to discover how its Raid missions will test your mettle, see how it looks on Xbox 360 and Xbox One with this Destiny video comparison, and even the future of Destiny

kad vidim ovu sliku, prvo sto mi pada na pamet je da je dobro sto nema piraterije, inace bi internet u ovom trenutku bio prazan :smiley: