Copies of Titanfall Xbox 360 ship early - 1GB install required

Have you seen Titanfall? On Xbox 360, that is. The last gen version of the game has proven conspicuously inconspicuous, with not so much as a single screenshot or video doing the rounds at the time of writing - learned sages speculate that Microsoft has asked EA to hold back coverage, to boost sales of the Xbox One version.

We do, at least, now have proof that the Xbox 360 version isn’t an outright fantasy. A Titanfall fan blog has managed to get hold of an NTSC copy, pictured below - it requires a 1GB installation, according to the back of the box.
Meanwhile, there’s trouble a-brewing over on the official Titanfall Twitter feed. The game isn’t officially on sale till 8th, 10th and 11th April in North America, Australia and Europe, remember.