Borderlands 2 New Gameplay (Leaked, 14 Minutes)

Borderlands 2 is running on a platform of trimmed fat and effective economics – it will be better, Gearbox says, it will be meaner and it will fix all of the problems of its predecessor. We’ve all heard promises like this one before, but if the leaked gameplay video above is anything to go by, Borderlands 2 has our vote.

The video shows 14 minutes of Borderlands 2, featuring new weapons such as a disposable, regenerative, Wal-Mart-inspired rifle, a new character in Maya the Siren, an old character in Roland, and new enemies, such as the torturer Nomad, who uses a midget as a meat-shield. Check out the stunning new art style and gameplay mechanics of Borderlands 2 above, and don’t forget to vote in 2012 pre-order before it drops after April 2012!

Borderlands 2 leaked gameplay video is 14 minutes of amazing midget-massacre

Gameplay mi izgleda maltene identicno kao i u prvom delu, barem ovih par min sto sam pogledao.

Verujem da su ispeglali ponesto, ali jako mi se svideo kec, pa ni ne bih voleo da mnogo sta menjaju.

Ali sto ima Perk - Sexual Tyrannosaurus :smiley: :lol:

Vidim da su neke stvari ispeglali i malo unapredili gunplay, deluje i framerate stabilan, dok mi za ostale grafičke komentare treba direct feed, ali generalno dopada mi se kako izgleda igra. Boss intro, isto fenomenalan. ah, još šest sedam meseci do izlaska…

hahahaha,da da treba to docekat :slight_smile:

I to verujem da ima jos i crnjih i gorih perkova od toga jer ako imaju unabredjenog berserkera tj. gunserkera i novu sirenu, zamisli novog huntera koji je, kako markus kaze u prvom delu, ionako bio u SM fazonu tako da jedva cekam !W!

New Borderlands 2 Details:

Some brand new details have appeared online regarding Borderlands 2. The new details are taken from the playable demo that was available at PAX last weekend. Gearbox has made a lot of improvements in Borderlands 2 from what has been shown so far however only time we tell if the sequel can deliver. The details can be found below.

  • It was the PC version running on Nvidia hardware

  • Similar AA to the first game (aliased black lines)

  • Significant NPCs have clever intro videos like in B1

  • Basically the exact same UI but it now has a mini-map

  • Some enemies can throw environmental objects at you

  • Tediore weapons allow you to throw guns/mags as grenades

  • ‘Bandit’ is a new weapon manufacturer with very large mags

  • Torque guns all have exploding bullets that are somewhat slow

  • Vladorf guns all have rotating barrels with high rates of fire

  • Psychos will now dodge and they can be tactically wounded

  • Maya replaces Lilith as the Siren character, can phasewalk

  • Kamikaze robots act like zombies (eg, crawl if legs missing)

  • Gunzerker class cannot zoom while dual-wielding weapons

  • Can still equip four weapons and they are paired for DWing

by Jessica Conditt on Aug 6th 2011 4:00PM


Borderlands 2 is bumpin’ up the brutality with new details, courtesy of the latest issue of GameInformer. Co-op will remain four-player, but the enemy and NPC AI has been revved to support a more interactive environment, with friendlies offering dialogue and bandits carrying weapons unique to their class. Eridium, a new element, will serve as currency and a means of upgrading weapons and vehicles, we assume by duct-taping it to whichever item you wish to improve.

The original Borderlands characters will be NPCs in the Gearbox sequel, but we do have a small amount of details on a new character, the dwarf Salvador, who is pictured above. A Gunzerker, Salvador will be able to dual-wield any weapon, all while sporting a sweet beard. Borderlands 2 will use all new weapons, each designed to fit the personalities of their in-game manufacturers, and the story will feature dynamic missions, making factors such as time critical to your success.

Borderlands 2 is expected to launch in Take-Two’s fiscal year 2013, which begins April 1, 2012. But most importantly, Claptrap will be back, we hope with some new dance moves.

[video=youtube_share;UVCOoQIDrt0][/video]Borderlands 2 Official Trailer - YouTube

i naravno claptrap