Battlefield 4: Final Stand trailer brings on the titans

Today brought the reveal of Battlefield 4’s final DLC, Final Stand. The trailer revealed the names of the newest maps hitting the game, as well as several hints at what’s to come.
Operation Whiteout, which seems to be an arctic based military and research base. During this map’s few seconds on screen we were also teased with an image of a hovertank, gracefully hovering above the snow.
Hammerhead, the next map we were teased with seemed to delve back into a landscape similar to Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill map, Alborz Mountain.
Giants of Karelia, the third map in the reveal looks quaint, the snow beginning to thaw in the warm spring air. But what looks to be a calm river base quickly becomes riddled with questions as the reveal throws us into yet another secret base beneath the landscape. This time we’re teased with large robots (you may know them as walkers if you ever played Battlefield 2142) as well as construction blueprints.
Hangar 21, the final map in the upcoming DLC looks to be a high security base hidden in the side of a large snow-covered mountain.
The new maps look stunning, the tease of a return to the future is evident, and we can only hope that one day we get to step foot into one of those massive titans once more.