Avowed - Official Announce Trailer

Meni je ovo jedna od igara koja me je najviše zaintrigirala. Baš lepo izgleda.

To je taj a la Skyrim clone za koji se šuškalo. Posebno, što su oni ovakvu igru oduvek želeli da naprave. Kažu da je ova igra razlog zašto je MS kupio Obsidian.

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Pored Halo, ovo me je najviše zainteresovalo.

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Ovo sam sada pogledao u 4K i da, ovo će biti u Elder Scrolls fazonu.

Ako je tako, bice veliki hit i stvarno jedva cekam.

Mhm, kao što napisah gore, ovo je nešto što su hteli da naprave ali nisu imali budžet za tako nešto da uopšte i pokušaju.

Nekoliko insajderskih informacija o igri:

So, I did get new informations about Avowed:

  • fully open world, much much larger than Skyrim (very differently “larger”, more proper word would be “denser” and “more contrasted” at the same time)
  • primarily set in the The Living Lands region of Eora (not sure if it’ll go like that as explicit later on, but that was starting point)
  • big focus on world-reactivity, lighting and next-gen AI systems and physics (special focus on physics with magic systems - have no clue what would that mean)
  • realtime whether system (don’t have full details but fog is very important as realtime element, rivers will have specific micro physics systems regarding this)
  • very advanced character creation tool (didn’t get more info)
  • mod support (for now PC is/will be very dominant as creation tool, but I’ll be playable fully on Xbox)
  • very large number of fractions but very different approach than with Skyrim
  • you’ll be able to have companions (different than Outer Worlds)
  • storyset: fight against incoming threat of tyranny (independent from previous stories)
  • game has bosses planned and some of them are very very large
  • Gods will have special say in the game
  • great focus on iconic landmarks, statues and buildings
  • two large cities planned with many smaller ones with strong focus on contrasting wild-areas, rivers, mountains and desolated areas (yes, you’ll be able to swim)
  • fully respecting POE creatures lore with new additions
  • dynamic presentation of dialogue
  • for now idea is to keep “you can kill everyone in the game” option
  • around 100 people are on the project for 2y (smaller number for 7m of preproduction), in total 2y 7m
  • full production is already a thing
  • team will still grow
  • target date: late 2022/early 2023

Keep in mind that some parts of this can change during the development process.

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Coop u ovakvoj igri bi bio bombona.

Meni je najbolje od svega što je uveliko u razvoju, preko 2.5 godine i ovaj datum “late 2022/early 2023” je sasvim realan.


Prodje to očas.

Na redditu se pojavilo da je ovo art za neprijatelje u igri.