Army of Two 40th Day

Army of Two: The 40th Day

Developer(s) PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360:
EA Montreal
PlayStation Portable:
Buzz Monkey[1]
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Composer(s) Tyler Bates[2]
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
Release date(s) EU January 8, 2010[3]
NA January 12, 2010[3]
Genre(s) Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) BBFC: 15,[4]18[5]
Media Blu-ray Disc, UMD, DVD
Input methods Gamepad


Game play will be further enhanced such as being able to feign surrender in order to outflank the enemy, using human shields, and automated covering. The refined controls now only require one button for any particular action. Melee has been mapped to a face button, and rifling through weapons can be done with one hand. There will also be a sprint function in the game. Partner AI has also been revamped to be more responsive and intelligent allowing the player to direct their partner into performing specific actions such as stealth kills or feigning surrender.

More weapons and upgrades will be available, adding interchangeable upgrades between weapons, such as adding the barrel of one assault rifle to another. The “pimped” option returns with new camouflage schemes. Weapons can now also be obtained from downed enemies, increasing the player’s arsenal to four weapons (up from three in Army of Two). Bullets will be able to penetrate weaker materials such as wood and sheet metal.
Co-op playbook

Army of Two: The 40th Day expands on and refines the cooperative play featured in the original game. Unlike in the original where cooperative moments were primarily predetermined at particular intervals in the game, in this sequel, players can use co-op moves at any time.[7] The playbook allows players to scan enemies prior to engaging them in order to set up particular team-based tactics.[8] For example, players can mock surrender or setup simultaneous sniper shots. This is in addition to using aggro as a mechanic for tactically engaging enemies in the midst of combat.

Aggro is a system that allows two players to tactically control the target of their enemy’s attacks. Aggro is measured by a HUD element that displays which player the enemy characters are currently focusing on. By performing aggressive actions, such as firing one’s weapon, a player generates aggro and in turn causes enemies to focus more of their attention on that player. While one player has aggro the other is being ignored and as a result can then freely perform actions such as flanking.[9] In Army of Two: The 40th Day, additional non-aggressive actions can affect aggro. For example, by performing a mock-surrender the enemy combatants will focus all of their attention (and aggro) on the player that is surrendering.
Morality moments

In Army of Two: The 40th Day players are forced to make moral decisions that affect the story of the game. At pre-determined points in the game players will be presented with a choice, for example whether they should overtake a security guard and steal weapons or vacate the premises.[10] The decision is not a vote between two players. but instead either player must decide while the other player is forced to accept the ramifications of that decisions regardless of what their preference was.[11] The outcome and presentation of these morality moments takes the form of comic panels created by the popular artists Chris Bachalo and Jock.[12]
Dynamic & variety in gameplay

EA Montreal has taken steps to ensure that the gameplay in Army of Two: The 40th Day is more dynamic than the original. This includes the environment, where some objects, such as wooden walls and crumbling mortar can now be penetrated by bullets.[7] Likewise, there are now noncombatant NPCs that players will be forced to engage with. Players can simply ignore these civilian NPCs and allow them to be killed by combatants (or their own fire), or alternatively players can decide to deliberately rescue them. This sort of interaction can also occur in specific hostage scenarios where players must use coop moves to successfully overcome the situation. This is distinctly unlike the original Army of Two, where the enemies existed in the world solely to attack the player. There is also a lot more variety in characters, as there are more than twice as many different types of NPCs in Army of Two: The 40th Day, when compared to the original game.[12]

Multiplayer in Army of Two: The 40th Day has received significant changes since the original. These changes included region-free play[13], client-server connections[14] (as opposed to the original Army of Two’s client-to-client connections), and an increased number of participants (up to 10).[15]

Army of Two: The 40th Day maintains its focus on co-op play by requiring that players play in a partnership. Partners are a source for ammunition and are able to revive their fallen team mate. There are a total of four multiplayer game modes:[13]

* Co-op Deathmatch pits teams of two against other partnerships.
* Control awards points to teams for capturing and defending randomly spawned points.
* Warzone has players battle over various objectives.
* Extraction is a game mode where teams of four fight waves of increasingly powerful enemies in order to progress through areas of a map with the goal of reaching an extraction point.

Weaponry and equipment
Weapon customization

A predominant feature in the Army of Two series is the ability to customize weapons using money that is earned in-game. As the official Army of Two blog describes it, "it’s like Lego with Guns […] every part of your weapon is customizable and interchangeable with parts from other weapons.” [17] The changes to your weapons are not only for appearance, but also affect the performance and the amount of aggro that they generate. Some weapon characteristics that can be changed are handling, accuracy, ammunition capacity, and power.
Mask customization

Rios and Salem wear ballistic masks as part of their combat gear. By logging into the Army of Two: The 40th Day website, the player can create custom designs that appear on their masks in both single and multiplayer.
Weapon design contest

Like for the original Army of Two, a community-oriented weapons design contest was run for Army of Two: The 40th Day. The contest challenged fans and enthusiasts from North America, Italy, France, and the UK to submit an image and brief description of a weapon that they designed. Two weapon designs (one from the North American and one from the European entries) were chosen as winners and will appear in the game for those players who have a saved game present on their game console from the original Army of Two. The winning entries were chosen on August 6, 2009. The winning entries were the AS-KR1 “The Ass Kicker” Rifle (submitted by Angryjoeshow1) and the Sniper Launcher (submitted by Uberblargh).[18]

Izasao je Army of Two upravo ga skidam ima linkova na Warez-BB i Rlsog-u jedva cekam da nedelja dodje :smiley: ima i Rapid i MU

Pogledajte sta rade umorni momci Salem & Rios

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Te grupe koje izbacuju krekovane igre imaju neka svoja pravila kako se rade stvari – idu cak dotle da im je bitno koliki su rarovi. Ako nesto nije uradjeno kako treba (cak i ako je igra ok krekovana i lepo radi), oni ce okaciti da je release nukovan. Proveri koji je razlog nukovanja (obicno negde napisu). Mozda je ovo review kopija, umesto retail, ili je preuzeto/ukradeno pa prepakovano sa P2P scene (sad vec mozda lupam). U svakom slucaju, ako jos nisi banovan, a sve ti lepo radi, nemoj ici s ovom igrom online, kao neka osnovna mera opreza…

ova igra izgleda mocno ja sad prelazim prvi deo i on je takodze extra

ok brate nego da te pitam dali ima veze taj NUKE sa Grafikom u Igri ili tako nesto jer imam prvi deo orginal ali kad sam narezao ovaj ponekad sporije ucita zgrade i ta okolna sranja zidove itd … igra je vrh samo me to buni sto se desava nekad …

Ne verujem da je to u pitanju – to sporije ucitavanje zidova (ako mislis na teksture) je stara boljka unreal enginea, streamovanje asseta, a mislim da je Ao2 baziran na njoj… Prvi Mass Effect, a u manjoj meri i Bioshock, imali su ogromnih problema sa pravovremenim ucitavanjem tekstura. Jesi probao da instaliras igru na hard? Mozda pomogne. Svakako ce se nivoi brze ucitavati.

Nisam probao ali i nema veze nekad se samo ono desava ali sta je tu je, ok hvala sto si mi objasnio brate =) igra je vrh jos malo i zavrsio sam je ali treba mi neko za Split Screen :smiley: presao sam sa ortakom prvi deo ali on se odselio :smiley:

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Pa, ja sam prvu presao sam, bilo mi je sasvim ok. Kazu da je sad AI nesto pametniji, no to cemo tek videti. Naravno, mnogo je bolje kad imas zivog coveka za saigraca, ali opet, ako live nije opcija, treba imati zivaca za split-screen…

ljudi treba mi ogromna pomoc kupio sam malopre jedan joy (beli wireless) e sad imam army of two (prvi deo) kako da namestim na dvoje da igramo (lego batman radi :)) ja idem split-screen i pise mi at least two players ned to sing in to play sta to znaci (i ako je uopste ta opcija za igranje u dvoje)
EDIT: resio sam prob tako sto sam pritisnuo ono X dugme napravio novi profil za drugi joy i radilo je

Upravo tako – skoro sve igre na x360 zahtevaju da se kroz drugi joypad uloguje jos jedan profil, ukoliko hoces nesto da igras udvoje.

igra mi je bas puvara… Presao sam sa drugom u co op-u i ne da smo se smorili nego da ne pricam… presli smo za nekih 3 i po sata… pred kraj je uzasno smorno, nema boss-ova, neprijatelji prelaki i na contractor tezini, a tek prica…

Moze da se igra ali onako nesto zestoko osrednje…