343i razmišlja o portovanju ODST i Reacha nakon što završe sa Master Chief Collection

343 Industries hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing Halo Reach and Halo 3: ODST to Xbox One in the future, telling VideoGamer.com that so many people “have asked about it that we are thinking about it”."With Halo 5 coming out we really wanted to focus on those Master Chief-centric games," executive producer Dan Ayoub explained, discussing the reasons why the two games had been left out of Halo: The Master Chief Collection with us earlier this month.
"That was part of it. Quite honestly, the other part of it was just disc space. We’re squeezing everything we can out of the available space for this thing.
[FONT=Open Sans]“What I can tell you is probably the biggest question we get from people is, what about ODST and Reach. What I can say is it’s certainly not in our development timeline or planning right now [but] we’ve heard that question so much that it has seeped into our collective subconscious. I think enough people have asked about it that we are thinking about it.”
Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains four Halo games, including Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4, plus a Halo 2 remaster built specifically for Xbox One.
Look out for it exclusively on Xbox One from November 14.

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Navodno je bio problem staviti i ove četri igre na jedan disk. Ako bi dodali i Halo Wars, onda bi sve Halo igre bile na jednoj konzoli.

Izbaciće sigurno u nekom periodu, idealno bi bilo nekih dve godine nakon Halo 5…

To bi jako zeleo, ufff
Posebno sto startujem sa Xbox One i ovo mi je prvi Xbox. Dosad sam igrao samo PC , PS1, Segu i PS2 (PS3 sam igrao kod druga ali to se ne racuna)

Napokon da mogu sve Halo Igre da igram (skoro… samo jos da ubace ODST, Wars i Reach) :smiley:

Stara vest, rekli su to pre par nedelja na comiconu

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***** li ga, niko nije postavio :slight_smile: A i ništa ne fali da se ima :slight_smile:

Ja se ne bi bunio i da dodje u vidu DLC-a za MC collection. :smiley: