Zatvorena registracija na TX Forumu

Kakv je Ubergeek kralj New Registrations Closed Again - Team Xecuter

ali razumem coveka skroz, gledam tamo stalno za jtag, to se javljaju nebulozni likovi koji su prelemili pola ploce i napravili gluposti onda krive TX…

pocinjem da razmisljam da i mi ponekad treba ovo da uradimo :slight_smile:

au pa bogme ovo ce da pomogne nama, ovo ce da se obavezno odradi.

Please do not post in another person’s (the original poster’s) thread concerning a problem that requires troubleshooting unless you want to help him or her. Especially, do not post your problems in other people’s troubleshooting threads. This is called THREAD HI-JACKING and is frowned upon by the entire community. You risk a ban if you do this. Unless you want to help the original poster with his or her problem please do not reply in the original poster’s thread unless otherwise noted (for example, replying about known/acknowledged issues; if a known issue exists, then feel free to post within in the same thread for that problem). Otherwise, create your own thread instead please. Quite often people believe they have the exact same issue as someone else when they really don’t. This happens more times than I can count (ex. “my drive won’t recognize in Jungle Flasher”. Well, one person has a bad SATA setup, and another person’s problem is that he or she is connecting up a CK3 incorrectly. These people, in my example, just happen to be attempting to flash the same drive and erroneously believe they are all experiencing the same issue. They aren’t. And it’s extremely frustrating and confusing trying to resolve all three problems in a single thread.) If you want to help the original poster, great. Please do reply. If you think you have a similar problem as someone else, please create your own thread instead of replying to someone else’s, and others will try to help you.

od nove godine sledi novi rezim foruma. treba da imamo strokey beard meeting posle praznika i uvodimo neke nove stvari. stay tuned…