Xebuild V1.01 update 1 : podrska za kernel 14719

XeBuild 1.01 update pack 1

  • fixes a bug with ini creator, wasn’t outputting non CB/CD bl data
  • add 14719
  • erm… updated “security”

What’s New:

- adds 14717

** - trinity CB_B patches updated to allow glitch image booting on official 14717 updated slims,
requires having CPU key before building image. Updated fats will likely require new CPLD
timing, if you wish to continue to glitch a fat for the time being it’s advised to not apply
any update > 14699.**
- included xells updated to xell reloaded v0.991 built 2012-02-19. See xell_info folder for
usage info and changelog, or find newer builds at libxenon.org
-note that for xebuild, jtag images use xell-2f not xell-1f
- added devkit image building (WIP, see info below)
- added bigffs jasper type (see info below)
- added a small helper app, ini_creator.exe that will create a basic .ini file with crcs
for xebuild when batches of files are dropped onto it, ready for sorting
- bug fixes