Warframe co-op shooter blasts into open beta

Shooting men in the face can be fun but what if it hurts people’s feelings, and why can’t we be friends? Thankfully, Warframe has the answer: co-op missions against AI (which is probably not advanced enough to suffer distress). The free-to-play third-person shooter from The Darkness II developer Digital Extremes launched into open beta today, so we can all enjoy nice, safe face-shooting.

Warframe plops you into the eponymous Warframes, mighty ancient combat armours. They’re essentially classes, each with different powers and attributes. In them, you’ll go marauding around with your chums on missions, from raiding artifacts and wave defense to rescuing hostages and capturing VIPs. Along the way, you collect loot to upgrade and unlock stuff.

Monetisation will come from selling instant unlocks of, as far as I can tell from a quick look, upgrades, weapons and warframes which can mostly be unlocked slowly for free too.

Hit the official site for more information and to play.