Top 10 ocekivanih i neocekivanih naslova na E3 2011

Kao sto svi znamo samo nekoliko dana nas deli od najveceg svetskog gaming sajma E3 tacnije jos samo 17 dana.E3 nam donosi jako mnogo novih igara tako da je tesko odabrati bas 10 igara koje ce se svima svideti,pored toliko programera i izdavaca.Ovde je kratak niz ocekivanih i neocekivanih naslova koji bi vas mogli oboriti sa nogu na ovogodisnjem E3 sajmu.
Lista igara nije poredana po nekakvom rangu.

[SIZE=“4”]1.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[/SIZE]

Call of Duty is always quite the fanfare. Considering a CoD game has accompanied each calender year, a new Call of Duty is to be expected at E3 2011. With Infinity Ward having been dormant since the release of Modern Warfare 2, it seems probable that they will strike back with a MW3 reveal. As the original Modern Warfare was the game that launched the series to its current level of outrageous acclaim, you just know that a Modern Warfare 3 announcement will be big.; Godzilla big even. Get the shovels out team, your jaws will drop so low you’ll have to dig them out of the ground.

[SIZE=“4”]2. Uncharted 3[/SIZE]

The Uncharted games have always been very pretty. They’ve also been exceptionally refined and well crafted adventure titles. With Uncharted 2 shifting more PS3′s than you can shake a stick at in 2009, an Uncharted 3 reveal at E3 this year seems like a fairly logical conclusion. With the game set to take on more desert locales, the series’ halmark graphics will be put to the test rendering moving sand and water particles. I don’t think it needs saying, but it will look insane. No doubt about it.

[SIZE=“4”]3. Mass Effect 3[/SIZE]

Mass Effect 2 was one of those games that literally everyone and their mum seemed to enjoy. With lavish praise, the Bafta Game Award and countless sales adorning its wake, everyone is holding their breath for what Bioware will come up with next. Now that Bioware have released Dragon Age 2 and now that their Star Wars MMO is nearing completion, they may have the time to get a ME3 reveal ready for E3. If they manage it, get ready to be amazed.

[SIZE=“4”]4. Battlefield 3[/SIZE]

The most recent Battlefield games have been escalating quickly in terms of quality. With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 being one of the best shooters of last year and bringing the series into the console market, the ground work has been done for the arrival of Battlefield 3. When E3 rolls around we’re bound to get some more juicy gameplay footage showing off the new Frostbite engine, and those destructible environments are going to look better than ever. Expect some genre defining changes to take place, and expect E3 2011 to be the start of it.

[SIZE=“4”]5. Destiny[/SIZE]

Not much is known about Bungie’s new project, but the rumour mill would have us believe that we’re in for a sci-fi FPS MMO. Certainly sounds like a title that will benefit from Bungie’s well honed set of skills. Even if Destiny makes an E3 appearance, it will most likely take the form of a short teaser trailer that will accompany an official announcement. Yet, considering how strong Bungie’s trailers have been in the past, it will certainly be worth checking out despite being a mere teaser. When Bungie talk, people listen.

[SIZE=“4”]6. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim[/SIZE]

Bethesda have had a lot of fingers in a lot of different pies as of late and, with the Fallout series having had a recent release under its belt in the form of New Vegas, the announcement of Skyrim was a pleasant one indeed. A very ambiguous trailer with merely a voice over was enough to get fans frothing at the mouth, so some more concrete gameplay and story info at this year’s E3 will really be something to look out for. I don’t know what will be more entertaining: The showcase itself, or the reactions of the rabid Elder Scrolls fans back home. I talk about their reactions like they are a bad thing but, with Skyrim looking so damn tasty already, their praise and adoration is understandable.

[SIZE=“4”]7. Hitman 5[/SIZE]

With the recent hints of a Hitman 5 lingering in the air, it seems probable that we’ll get some kind of announcement at E3 regarding the future of the series. Even if it’s just a little teaser trailer, it is bound to get fans excited. The Hitman series has always stood out in a sea of generic and thoughtless shooter titles. Just seeing the thinking man’s shooter back in action in any form will make this year’s E3 a very special event indeed.

[SIZE=“4”]8. Max Payne 3[/SIZE]

Yet another game that has seen a seemingly infinite amount of setbacks and delays. I certainly wouldn’t bet on seeing anything regarding Max Payne 3 at E3, but there’s a chance. Should said footage go out, it’s bound to be a breathtaking experience. Max Payne’s gritty, modern noire narratives have always scratched a certain itch that no other games can satisfy. Though it seems to be drastically altering some of the series’ mechanics, we’ll be happy to see more of Max Payne regardless. Bring it on Rockstar!

[SIZE=“4”]9. Fiv3[/SIZE]

Not much is known about Fiv3 except for its title, which was trademarked by Sony and Quantic Dream very recently. Considering the pedigree it comes from though, if anything gets shown of Fiv3 at E3 it will definitely make its mark. With Quantic Dream constantly pushing the boundaries of gaming in terms of graphics and storytelling, it’s unlikely that Fiv3 will be anything but mind-blowing.

[SIZE=“4”]10. Diablo 3[/SIZE]

This one has been in the running for a while now. With Activision Blizzard focused on other more lucrative prospects these days, they seem to have completely neglected Diablo 3 by delaying its release multiple times. Hopefully, they will make this up to series fans by showing of some more footage this June, as series fans have been left out in the cold for far too long. When they do, it will be awesome. Just take my word for it.

[SIZE=“5”]E3 sajam odrzavanje konferencija:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“4”]Microsoft konferencija[/SIZE]

Pocetak konferencije Monday, June 6 at 9am ili po nasem vremenu 6.6. ponedeljak u 18.00h

[SIZE=“4”]Sony konferencija[/SIZE]

Pocetak Sony konferencije Monday, June 6 at 5pm ili po nasem vremenu 7.6. utorak u 02.00h

[SIZE=“4”]Nintendo konferencija[/SIZE]

Pocetak Nintendove konferencije Tuesday, June 7 at 9am ili po nasem vremenu 7.6. utorak u 18.00h

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