The Elder Scrolls Online console versions hit by six month delay

The upcoming console release of The Elder Scrolls Online has been delayed, Bethesda confirmed.

Bethesda’s official FAQ mentioned a six month delay, which Bethesda later clarified in a statement to Shacknews. Here’s what the original text said: “When does The Elder Scrolls Online officially launch? The Elder Scrolls Online officially launched on April 4, 2014 on PC and Mac. While it has become clear that our planned June release of the console versions isn’t going to be possible, we have made great progress, we have concluded that we’ll need about six more months to ensure we deliver the experience our fans expect and deserve.”

According to Bethesda, “game development has been progressing steadily, but we are still working to solve a series of unique problems specific to those platforms. Integrating our systems with each console manufacturer’s networks–which are both different from the PC/Mac system as well as different from each other—has been a challenging process. It has become clear that our planned June release of the console versions isn’t going to be possible.”

To make up for the delay, Bethesda will allow characters to transfer from the PC/Mac version to the console release. “Anyone who purchases and plays the PC/Mac version of The Elder Scrolls Online by the end of June will have the opportunity to transfer their character(s) to either console version when they are released. The offer will allow you to begin playing immediately on the PC/Mac, and then add the PS4 or Xbox One version and transfer the character(s) you have created and developed.”

In addition, there will be a Cross-Buy promo of sorts. “You don’t have to pay full price for the game twice. For $20, eligible PC and Mac players will have the option to add a full, digital version of ESO on either the PS4 or the Xbox One with your character transfer(s), and another 30 days of included game time,” the company explained.

“Whether you decide to take advantage of this offer or not, we promise to do everything we can to get the game released on both consoles as quickly as we can. We will keep everyone updated with additional details regarding character transfers, specific offer dates, when you can expect console beta to start, and of course, when ESO on consoles will launch.”

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The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online are not guaranteed to see the light of day in 2014 following a six-month delay, ZeniMax Online Studios has said.

Originally scheduled to appear this summer, the fantasy-themed MMORPG was pushed back to the end of the year to afford extra polishing and tweaking following the PC release in April.

However, the game’s Creative Director, Paul Sage, told IGN that this does not necessarily mean it will see the light of day in 2014.

“I will tell you we are working round the clock to try and make that happen,” he said. “I can’t guarantee anything, that would be foolish to do, but we are certainly working with that goal in mind.”

Elsewhere, Sage touched on the upcoming Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood factions for the PC version.

“With an update like that it’s a little further on the horizon,” he explained.

“The reason is we do want fully fleshed out skill systems and quest lines for that, so that’s further out. My prediction is we’ll probably get the Justice System in before we get the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood in, just because we want that system to be fully fleshed out and players used to the system before they have to use it.

“I don’t have a date lined up, but it’s a little further out. I wouldn’t expect it in the first four updates.”

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