Slavery Teaser Trailer

Slavery the Game isn’t a game – at least, we really hope it’s not – but it is a wonderful example of just how warped the Internet’s sense of humor and decency is. Slavery the Game’s website is horrifyingly legit at first glance, boasting a trailer, contact information, share buttons, the insignia for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and an ESRB rating of AO (Adults Only).

These are lined up at the bottom of the site, right next to the overwhelming sense of relief we felt when we realized neither 360 nor PS3 release AO titles. Further, the ESRB doesn’t list a rating for anything called Slavery the Game and the proposed developer, Javelin Reds Gaming, doesn’t exist. One YouTube version of the trailer credits The Creative Assembly with making Slavery the Game, but it isn’t mentioned anywhere on The Creative Assembly’s site. We’ve contacted The Creative Assembly for clarification.

We do wonder, if Slavery the Game isn’t a game (and it’s not; notice the lack of italics here), does it have a larger goal, or is this it; a mysterious website with a gruesome reminder that society can be a more powerful force than individual morality? We thought we already had one of those.

Imam cimera rasistu koji “mrzi” igrice! Jednostavno covjek to ne voli ALI kad vidi ovo… :smiley: :smiley: Izgleda zanimljivo