Saints Row 4 Potvrdjen za X360, PS3, PC

Ovo će sigurno obradovati ljubitelje ovog serijala :D. Posle, verovatno, buma koji su napravili po izlasku trojke odlučili i da prave četvorku :slight_smile: ako ništa drugo, oni koji vole da se za****vaju sa ovakvim igrama će uživati sigurno :slight_smile:

Saints Row 4 Sort Of Confirmed For PS3, Xbox 360, And PC -

We learn today, to no one’s great surprise, that Volition, Inc. is working on a fourth Saints Row game, apparently for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms. The sort-of-confirmation comes from a LinkedIn profile for a Volition game designer, as spotted by the gaming Internet’s super-sleuth, Superannuation (via Polygon). The Saints Row 4 shout has since been edited out of the profile.

Saints Row: The Third has made big money for THQ since it launched in late 2011, so much so that it allowed the publisher to up its earnings forecast for the year. Not only was it good news for the financially struggling company, it also virtually guaranteed that we’d be seeing more from the world of Saints Row. This LinkedIn confirmation is interesting in the sense that the game is apparently targeted for current generation platforms, but I don’t think any of us are surprised to hear that a fourth game is an actual thing.