Rumor: XBOX Live Hacked? 48 Million Passwords leaked

Well, Microsoft sure have a dilemma here. This morning, hacker has claimed to have hacked and circumvented Microsoft’s entire XBOX Live Network and claims to have “butally owned” them. He says that he has stolen 48 Million passwords with all details linked to accounts, including nicknames, names, home addresses and some other details. He claims that Microsoft pulled a Sony and did not have any of this information encrypted, rather have all emails and passwords in plain text. Microsoft later denied claims that this hack was real but the hacker wanted to prove his point and posted a sample of the hacked usernames and passwords on a pastebin. Here is what his quote read.

Good morning, f*****s

Today is a pretty fine fing day, and a good day for the underground too, as I believe everything happens for a small tiny reason. Today, one of the biggest IT-companies known as Fsoft, oh sorry, autocorrect-problems, I meant, Microsoft. They are often known as the biggest csuckers that history has ever witnessed. They released a ftry-infested 1960’s-machines inspired Xbox One! They said that they have created 30,000 servers just for this lovely moment. I believe, you better shut the f* up before you get smacked the f*** up, billy.

Today, Xbox Live has been brutally owned, in true-fashion. I shall not expose the vulnerability this time, as I do not want Benjamin Kuns Mejri masturbating all over my releases, oh and, Vuln-Labs, your advisories f***ing suck.

On the second hand, after the downfall of our well-known friends, Lulssec. sony was truly happy, sitting behind their chairs and ejaculating over pictures of Katy Perry. But I believe, that Microsoft should get a taste of some pure ownage too.

I brutally owned Xbox Live a few days ago, but I decided to dump all the super-dooper precious data now.

Oh and, If I get another stupid BBC-journalist talking crap on this lovely work-of-hand, thou shall be cursed.

And most importanly; Microsoft, this is not a d***-sucking contest. You gotta stand the f*** up infront of cyberhackers. You seek help and therefore; You’ll get owned.

Lastly, Microsoft is a pest to humanity.

Enjoy this lovely ownage for now.

I have uploaded the entire credentials of every Xbox Live user in an nickname;email;password;joindate format, It contains nearly confidental-info on around 47 million users.

*(link removed)
size: 6.12GB

These credentials given below are probably old, these are when Xbox Live was newly annouced, probably dating back from 2009’s or something, the newly-created accounts and the latest-ones are in that archive.

So, here we go again guys. The full leaked database was quickly removed asap by Bayfiles, and pastebin has done a full online search to find nothing except for an extract of the leaked information that was confirmed to have at least 10 emails and passwords connected to the accounts. Microsoft have not made any further comments on the matter here, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon. The same hacker claimed to have hacked the CNN website a few days ago. Although, could this have been all a ploy by Microsoft here? Could we be simply looking at Microsoft trying to get people talking about them? Who knows here? All we know is that if this is all true, this is big trouble for Microsoft.


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Jao lika kralja :smiley: haha

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Ako je to istina i ako mi fali nesto sa kartice: I don’t know who you are, but I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna kill you.


Jel ima neke novosti o ovome? Inace, ja mislim da je ovo samo neka fora koju je neko pokusao, a evo i zasto. Bas ono kad je bio PSN hakovan, i sva frka oko toga, svi koji su pricali o tome rekli su da je bas PSN hakovan zato sto ti podaci nisu enkriptovani, ali da je situacija drugacija sa Live-om… E sad, mozda je Microsoft nesto promenio, ili to nije tacno, ali ne verujem da bi firma kao sto je Microsoft rizikovala, pogotovo ako se to vec desilo njihovim rivalima, znaci da oni sami znaju da su i oni meta, pa su se pobrinuli za to…

Fake je, ima fajl na netu sa podacima i sve su lažne mail adrese i passwordi.

Trazio si svoje email adrese i passworde na spisku ? :slight_smile:

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Da, sto ? :slight_smile:

Pa znao sam :stuck_out_tongue: jedini covek sa mnogo naloga na LIVE :slight_smile:

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