PS4 Version of Metal Gear Solid V Running on PS Vita Shown by Kojima: “Amazingly Beautiful!”

Mozda je ovo moglo da ide i u Vita sekciju, alki nema veze.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima just tweeted four pictures of the PS4 version of the game running on PS Vita via remote play.

While the first tweet simply said “GZ on PS Vita Today” Kojima’s own comment in the [URL=“”]second tweet in Japanese translates to “Amazingly Beautiful!”

He also repeated said second tweet in English with a different comment: “So great graphics!”

Apparently Kojima-san really likes how his new creation looks on the PS Vita’s OLED screen. It’s also interesting to see that he’s still using the old PCH-1000 model and not the new PCH-2000 model that comes with a LCD screen instead. Yesterday he showcased two more pictures of the PS4 version showing the console’s dashboard just before launching the game and the following splash screen.

Update: a third and a [URL=“”]fourth follow-up tweets added two more pictures, and included a further comment:[INDENT]This is remote play, not “Transfarring.” I can play the game everywhere, even outside or at home by making use of the PS4 as a family cloud. That age has finally come (laughs)

Transfarring” is the term used by Konami to name a feature of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, that allowes those that purchased the game to transfer it between different systems of the PlayStation family.

As for the final part of the comment, Kojima-san is quite obviously reminding us about his prediction made years ago: he used to say that games would break beyond the limits of home consoles and be playable both at home or on the go.

I remember that at the time his opinion was welcomed with a large degree of skepticism. Apparently, time proved him right.

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