Project Beast: Nešto novo nam From Software sprema

Za sad se pojavilo par Screenshotova i navodno je igra samo za PS4… Šta li bi to moglo biti :slight_smile:

Da li je ovo Fog Gate? :slight_smile:

Baš me interesuje šta je u pitanju, pogotovu sad, nakon što je From Software kupljen od strane izdavača Kadokawa… Valjda će biti malo više informacija na E3. Novi projekat, ili Demon’s Souls 2? Ili pak, kao Project Dark, koji je na kraju postao Dark Souls, možda će ovo biti Beast Souls? :slight_smile:

Damn… Uljepsa mi dan! Ovo ce biti extra, vidi se da je DS univerzum…

Sent From: “Neitherworld, Peaceful Pines”

Evo još mali update :slight_smile:

Update: The leaker, describing what he saw, offers the following details:

  • Character walked around, fought enemies
  • Giant “mindflayer” type enemy
  • Character is shown placing a shining magic sword into a pedestal at the base of a statue
  • A huge pyromancy fireball
  • Shotguns
  • There was text “This is a nightmare.”
    **Original: **While “leaks” from 4chan are generally frowned upon, a new one stemming from the community appears to have outed a new title from Japan. Sony, in conjunction with Dark Souls developer From Software, seems to be working on something called “Project Beast”.
    Project Beast is said to be a new title for the PlayStation 4. 4chan has images from what appears to be a trailer showcasing the game (see the gallery below).
    Take this update with a gran of salt, though it certainly looks legitimate. It wouldn’t be all too surprising if Project Beast were to pop up at E3 next month.

Sad sam setio da je razlog zašto Miyazaki nije radio na Dark Souls 2 to što je radio na nekom drugom projektu… Ako Miyazaki opet nešto smisli u njegovoj glavi, onda će ovo biti mnogo dobro :slight_smile:

Još jedan SS i još malo pretpostavki. Manje-više je isto kao malo pre, samo što se sada spominje Demon’s Souls, i da je ovo duhovni nastavak :slight_smile:

A evo tog SS:

And it looks like Dark Souls developer From Software’s making it
How do you inject a spot of spice into a slow news day? You start rumours about Sony’s next big PlayStation 4 exclusive, of course. And that’s exactly what’s happening all over the web right now, as purported images of [URL=“”]the platform holder’s rumoured collaboration with From Software have started to appear on forums and social network feeds.
Supposedly dubbed Project Beast, the shots show a Dark Souls-esque aesthetic, with a soldier crouched in a cave, and [URL=“”]The Last Guardian-style animals with matted fur. The heavy compression on the images does make us cautious, but these appear to be screen grabs from a trailer of some kind, with a cursor clearly visible in some of the pictures.
Is it real, then? Put it this way: we could believe it. Demon’s Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki has been reportedly working with Japan Studio for some time now – a claim accelerated by his omission from the [URL=“”]Dark Souls II development team. Moreover, Worldwide Studios president [URL=“”]Shuhei Yoshida has stressed on several occasions that he regrets not bringing the series to the West, leaving Atlus to popularise the franchise.
This could be the company’s chance to atone for its error. If this is real, we suspect that the trailer will be shown at E3 in just over a month’s time. Moreover, we wouldn’t be surprised if it has something to do with that Bloodborne trademark that leaked the other day, as the shots here clearly stress that Project Beast is a name that’s subject to change.
Nevertheless, the source of these images is shaky, so it’s best not to get your hopes up too high. Alas, with the artwork appearing to be original, in addition to the rumours that we’ve heard in the past, we have the sneaking suspicion that this just might be legit. And if it’s not – well, it’s one heck of a hoax. What do you think? Sacrifice your firstborn for the truth in the comments section below.