L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition - Launch Trailer

Complete Edition donosi sve dlc-ove koju su izasli do sada.


koliko je izaslo dlc-ova do sad?

Evo ceo spisak :

\\\“Reefer Madness\\\” Vice Case
Weiss Department receives a tip from some Freddie Calhoun - a drug addict, an informer and generally nablagodatnogo. It seems that this time Freddie is not lying, and gives information about the syndicate involved in the spread of cannabis throughout the city. The valiant detectives and Earl Phelps in the process of investigation will be released gradually to the organizers and find out how fraudsters were involved in smuggling drugs discreetly in plain sight.

\\\“Nicholson Electroplating\\\” Arson Case

At 9:45 am a deafening explosion roused Los Angeles. Streets emptied, the air full of smoke and ash. Detectives Phelps and Biggs rushed to the place of the former plant Nicholson Electroplating seeing a lot of unanswered questions. What caused the explosion? Something to work with employees of the plant? And where is the chief chemist Dr. Harold McLellan and his mysterious assistant?

The Badge Pursuit Challenge
20 police badges can be found in the beautifully restored Los Angeles in 1947. If you find all 20 icons that will suit Button Man suit, which provides additional ammunition for all weapons. Each icon also adds an additional 5 points of experience that will help further unlock the glasses intuition.

\\\“The Naked City\\\” Vice Case
In this case the bonus from the Bureau of Vice, Detective Cole Phelps is investigating the alleged suicide of a stunning model. Can you help unravel the truth Cole in darkened by drugs, corruption and greed, where death is a beautiful woman will never happen just like that?

\\\“A Slip Of The Tongue\\\” Traffic Case
In fact the bonus Slip of the Tongue \\\'Traffic Case of the Bureau Traffic, seemingly ordinary stealing rental cars ends investigation of racketeering largest automobile which the city had ever seen. As the number of stolen cars and suspicious characters at every turn, if you can help uncover Cole Phelps largest deal in his career?

The Broderick \\\'Detective Suit
This opened a suit enhances your ability to fist fight and resistance to shock. Throughout the game, investigating crime, you will find with a lot of suspects who resist arrest. Your fighting skills will be useful in these cases - and with his suit Broderick elevated boxing skills will give you an advantage over the enemy.

The Sharpshooter Detective Suit
Sharpshooter costume increases your accuracy when shooting with rifles and pistols. Always the worst developments for any detective investigating a crime - when, chasing a suspect, comes to shooting. In these intense firefights Sharpshooter costume provides more accurate aiming to defeat the criminal.

Chicago Piano Gun
Automatic Chicago Piano, which is used as law enforcement officers and criminals, enjoys the preference for its reliability, ergonomics, compactness, great clips up to 45 rounds of ammunition and high rate of fire. This bonus weapons will be stored in the trunk of the car Cole Phelps throughout the game, ensuring that extra firepower at your fingertips

Mnogo lepo izgleda :slight_smile:

Vredi li ovaj The Complete Collection 40 evra, kada može L.A. Noire da se uzme za 20 evra, a pojedinačan DLC košta 320 MS poena?

pa nzm bas jer ni ti dlc nisu nista posebno. 4,5 misija odelo koje i oruzje. nzm bas…

Nikako nemoj da uzimas ovaj complete edition za 4-5 dlc-a jer se uopste ne isplati.Drugo igra je izasla za pc i to bas ovacomplete edition,pa ako igras i na njemu eto ti prilike da sacuvas te pare i uzmes neku drugu igru :wink:

ljudi jel moguce da je 20 gb ?

na 3 diska je

Complete Edition je na 4 disk-a sa tim sto su prva tri standardna igra dok je cetvrti dodatni sadrzaj…

znaci treba mi 4 dvd-rl ?

da, treba ti 4 dvd-a i zameni avatara, isti je kao sto ima i predator 1211 pa bunis ljude…

Reseno maknuo sam mu ga ja…

@AcMilan91 Ubaci neki drugaciji “svoj” avatar

EDIT:Super je avatar :emoticon-0100-smile