L.A. Noire, bolja optimizacija za AMD graficke karte (PC)

I jedna lepa vest za PC igrace, i pored toga sto igra izlazi na PC-u krajem godine, gamer-i koji imaju AMD graficke karte ne bi trebalo da imaju nikakvih problema sa igrom.

We know that a lot of PC gamers – and owners of AMD’s graphics cards – were a little disappointed with most triple-A titles as they were optimized for green team’s cards. Well, apparently this won’t be the case with the highly anticipated PC version of L.A: Noire as AMD has already included and improved the game’s Crossfire performance.

According to the latest release notes of AMD’s Catalyst Drivers, the game’s Crossfire performance has been improved. On the other hand, we don’t anything about Nvidia’s plans and whether they will release a properly working SLI profile before the game’s launch. In fact, while browsing the entire SLI profile list with Nvidia’s Inspector Tool we couldn’t find any profile for Rockstar’s game so this is something that the “Green-ers” should definitely take into account.
L.A: Noire PC is currently slated for release this Fall.