Killzone: Shadowfall ima dedicated servere

Yesterday, Killzone Shadow Fall Lead Designer Eric Boltjes held a presentation at Eurogamer Expo to show off the game’s multiplayer. Afterwards, he held a Q&A to expand upon some of the smaller details left out of his talk.

With November just around the corner and the PS4 hype train is just about to reach peak velocity, there’s plenty of PS4 launch title excitement to go around. It’s why we’ve been posting plenty about Killzone Shadow Fall.

We recently reported on Shadow Fall’s season pass details and the framerate disparity between its multiplayer and single player. (Oh, and yes. Do read Pat’s impressions of the Killzone multiplayer.) Today, we have news on Shadow Fall’s servers! Huzzah!

Boltjes confirmed that Shadow Fall will have dedicated servers. However, the servers will only act as a hub between different game clients and any game logic will not be hosted on the servers. “Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4,” stated Boltjes, “with only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic) running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality.”

This means that people with slower Internet connections will have a better (keyword “better”) time playing the game than if matches were player-hosted. Of course, satisfaction is never guaranteed when you mix the disastrous formula of lag and competitive play.

TL;DR - citaj naslov

Sve je isto, samo druga masina i bolja grafika… season pass, dedicated servere… Samo se nadam da ce nesto arhitektura uraditi povodom laga koja svaka MP igra ima…

Da to je istina.Biti ce ovo ok igra,samo se nadam da nece biti killzone2 scenarij

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